Gearbox president sounds off on Wii, PS3, 360

The October issue of EGM features a candid interview with Gearbox founder and president, Randy Pitchford, regarding his thoughts on all three next-gen platforms. The game developer is primarily known for Brothers In Arms, Half-Life, and several PC ports including Halo and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Here are some of the most notable comments from the interview...

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Anerythristic265863d ago

This gen I am really comfortable going the Wii60 route. The industry as a whole seems really excited about those systems. The Wii is strictly interface/gameplay , 360 graphics / online /content.

NextGenJay5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

Developers favor the Wii and the 360. Just like the consumers this time around. Like Anerythristic26 said. Wii has the interface/gameplay and the 360 has the graphics/online play/ content

jiggajayp5863d ago

Yet Another Reason Not To Buy A ps3!

Dusk5863d ago

Sony did this to themselves. They need new management and a new direction for their game console department. Right now, their game console department is too closely connected to their media format department and it's hurting the PS, possibly the company as a whole.

Boink5863d ago

that says it all right there, and if blu ray fails(I'm not saying it will, so stay in your seats fanbots) but IF it does, sony is pretty much sunk.

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The story is too old to be commented.