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Heist movies, or more specifically the heists in the movies, are wonderful to watch. From The Thomas Crown Affair to Mission: Impossible through to the Ocean’s trilogy heists are art. The planning, the preparation, the skill, the ingenuity, the sleight of hand and the execution all combine to grab each and every viewer in joyous wonder. Most will relate to the protagonists. If it’s simple theft they’ll realise most people want more than they have - it’s human nature. If it’s to stop bad people doing bad things, then even better. Regardless of the reason why an individual job works it is unlikely even one person in the world could honestly say they have seen a cinematic heist and failed to be moved in one way or another. This was the initial expectation as Payday: The Heist installed and loaded up for the first time. Disappointment followed.

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DonaldBeck2523d ago

i give it a 7.5 out of 10. its a really cool game.

KwietStorm2523d ago

Seriously though this game is not a 5

SilentNegotiator2523d ago

It's a game from SOE; expect at least half of the reviews will be completely unfair.

Focus2523d ago

Silent, why? What makes SOE special?

SonyNGP2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

He's one of those people who believes in some retarded Sony hate conspiracy that's supposedly brewed up by journalists.

Series_IIa2523d ago

It's about a 7/10 for a first few games, then its 2/10

Far too boring.