Lastability: MW3 Prestiges vs. Battlefield 3 unlocks

InEntertainment writes: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are never going to compete with the likes of Skyrim in lastability – or will they? We say this because the MW3 prestiges and the Battlefield 3 unlocks will make each game last much longer than ever before, but which of the two will have more lastability?

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fooxy2524d ago

2 bad cod wont have 1st map pack for free with 3 new vehicles 4 maps new game mode and 10 new weapons !

danswayuk2524d ago

MW3 will have a lot of DLC and Elite helps save money here, although you're spot on there about BF3, and vehicles are just so cool.

ricky3602523d ago

Do you play mw3 at all?

ArchangelMike2524d ago

The word you're looking for is - longevity. Way to make up new words for your article (games journalists - sheesh)

Anyway OT. Longevity is really more about the gamer than the game. Some games I return to over and over again. Some just don't grab me anymore after a few hours. I'll prolly be playing BF3 long after I stop playing MW3.

danswayuk2523d ago

BF3 all the way when it comes to the best FPS for me right now, although Skyrim has taken a lot of my time too.

Hicken2523d ago

Lastability.... okay...

ricky3602523d ago

I understand that word, guess you don't in US.

Hicken2522d ago

Oh, I understand what it means without problem. While it's true that many of us are oblivious, Americans are, generally, not as ignorant as you'd like to believe.

Hence, seeing a word as unusual as "lastability" used in a context which implies common usage, is a little confusing to me.

leogets2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

bf3 will keep me entertained for a good few years.just as its predasesors. (spell check) cod4 had me for a year.the others lasted a month max.wont be touching mw3 or another cod in the future. they bring the exact same feeling each and every year and thats just new maps at the end of the day. even the same old FONT countdown timer thing is identical. silly little things like that bother the frig outa me. just lazy developers earning of the cod chumps.they take ya for mugs and your jelly in their hands. not worth a tosh. Say what ya want to me cod fan boys but i aint interested in your opinion. play ya lousy game,as long as your enjoying