Why Naughty Dog(s) Shouldn't Play With Guns

HG writes: "Naughty Dog should drop guns completely in their next game. They don’t do guns all that well, it is beginning to spoil my fun and they have a track record of making great games that focused on other things than guns"

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WhiteLightning2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

So let me get this straight.....they mess up once and now they shouldn't do guns at all. Get real...

Uncharted had great gunplay
Uncharted 2 had amaing gunplay

What the title really should read is

"Why Naughty Dog should stick to what they already have instead of changing the already perfect things they have"

They did exactly the same to the Subway beta, the Summer beta became nearly perfect after patch 3, most people can agree then the Subway beta came along and it's become a blindfire sprint fest.....still is to be honest.

TheBlackMask2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

They do gunplay fine I don't see why people are nitpicking Uncharted to death

Do people really not want Uncharted 3 to have a chance at being GOTY. Your right about them starting from scratch, it wastes more time for them in the long run, they should just take what they've already done right and improve on it rather then change everything about it. The Summer beta was miles better the Subway beta aswell

Tanir2613d ago

theey nit pick it because its one of the best games of the year, far better than that yearly released garbage we all hear about

Raf1k12613d ago

I can't understand it either at least for SP since I haven't played the MP. The gunplay for me was perfectly fine in SP and I had absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. However, I can't say the same for MP since I haven't touched that yet.

Halochampian2613d ago

I cant speak for everyone but I despised Uncharted: DF's gun mechanics with a passion.

Uncharted 2 made it better.

Haven't gotten a chance to play the third one yet. Busy with Skyrim and am picking up a 3D tv next week. Will probably just wait till then.

Raf1k12613d ago

I had problems with the gunplay in that game too but it wasn't the way the guns worked that got on my nerves. It was all the dodging animations making the targets difficult to hit after the first hit.

WANNAGETHIGH2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I have not played U3 yet but I played U1/2 and the shooting worked fine for me. I know they are some people having difficulties in U3 in terms of shooting but knowing the track record and the postive feed back U1/U2 had I'm sure some people are just over reacting. By they way ND is a top AAA developer so I'm sure those who are having problems will get a patch to fix it that's if a patch is not out alerday(I don't know since I don't have the game yet). This game cannot be getting so many 10 and 9 if the shooting was as bad as people online say it is.

Micro_Sony2613d ago

I agree. ND should make EPIC Games or Gear Box do the gun game play for the next UC.

If that not possible then dont give Drake a gun period - put him on a desserted island and in order to survive he has to make stuff with spare part and nature.

Drake with a sling shot would be ace.

Jayjayff2613d ago

So let me get this straight.....some fans felt displease with the shooting mechanics and now they shouldn't do guns at all. Get real... (Fixed)
I've been playing uncharted since the first one and didn't notice anything like that went back to the game after reading all the complains and again didn't notice any problem with it.

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Buzz7S2613d ago

Jak & Daxter

That is all.

Burning_Finger2613d ago

Why hookedgamers shouldn't write an article ever....

lastdual2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

"Next game" doesn't necessarily mean "next Uncharted".

Despite the aiming lag, U3 was still a great game, but I would definitely be down with Naughty Dog experimenting with a totally new IP - maybe one with fewer firefights and more exploration (or just more stealth! love me some sneaking...).

The team has talent, and it would be exciting to see what new ideas they could come up with.

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