Uncharted 3 Should've Tried Harder

Extra Punctuation: I can think of very few cases where a series hasn't peaked by the third instalment, with the possible exception of the Jason movies 'cos that's when he gets the hockey mask, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the Uncharted series is becoming strained. It's possible that the gameplay tries to be too many things - a stealth climbing brawling shooter with puzzles - but my major problem was the way Uncharted 3 was written.

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Buzz7S2521d ago

The gameplay is almost flawless, but that does not save some of the things the game lacks.

Nonetheless, kick-ass of a game.

hay2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Except that it's too easy. As a big fan of previous two I played on hard and couldn't force myself finish the game without any challenge...

Moebius692521d ago

I have to agree UC3 was by far the easiest of the 3 games to complete even crushing mode was to easy

ginsunuva2521d ago

It had the hardest giant-encounter battles out of them all. The village, ballroom, etc.

Venjense2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

The gunplay needs work IMO.

The enemies don't react to being shot until the final kill bullet.

It's stupid that a guy in no body armour can be shot in the leg/chest/arm multiple times and literally have no reaction.

For a game that prides itself on realistic animations, it's strange that the gunplay is severely lacking in them.

Raf1k12521d ago

Yeh there are few reaction animations from the enemies being shot but I think it probably has to do with the audience the game is tailored for. It's made for quite a wide age range and is pretty family friendly. Having the kind of animations you get in Killzone 3 will likely push ratings boards to give it a higher classification.

There are usually quite a lot of things that are discussed when games are being made. Enemy reactions in a shooting game will always be one of them. TBH it didn't really detract too much from my overall experience when playing it since the few flaws it does have are more than compensated by everything else thats done so well.


No game is perfect.If u think u can make a perfect game stop bitching on N4G and go make ur own game. I'm tired of all this nitpicking bias gamers. And b4 u say I'm a ps3 fanboy supporting U3 I'm not, I luv the halo and gears franchise but U3 definitely a top AAA game. U don't thibk U3 will get all those 10's and 9's if the shooting and other things was as bad as people on the internet says it is.

TheBlackMask2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I want to let everyone know when I say this I still think Uncharted 3s campaign was amaing and on par with Uncharted 2s.

I know people are going to hate me for saying this but with them focusing more on multiplayer this time and trying to compete with the big online games like COD, Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield......don't you think it held them back during the development time to focus moe of the script, the character development and the structure of ther story. I mean the thing I hated the most was the fact Elena, Chole and even Charlie, got pushed in the background like Sully did in U2 and the fact an amaing character like Elena was hardly in it.

Hopefully in Uncharted 4 since they've focused on the relationship between Sully and Drake they will now focus on just Nathan and Elena, the flashbacks could fill in the gaps at why they broke up twice, how Drake proposed and what the wedding was like (like did Elena meet Charlie at the wedding). I mean I want to see a game where Nathan and Elena are still together at the beginging and they are both looking for the treasure or lost city without Elena getting pulled into it three or five chapters in. Plus lets face it have we ever had a husband and wife together in a video game where the relationship/marriage dosen't spoil the story.

As long as they don't add a child in Uncharted 4 or Elena getting pregant (or any Uncharted game) then I'll be fine.

Next stop...Lost City of Atlantis :)

Berserk2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Agree 100 %. Some games just are not supposed to have multiplayer/COOP! I know people want their moneys worth. But with games like Uncharted the Single-player worth more than enough the 60$.

PS: Still my Game of the year so far, need to finish Skyrim.

TheBlackMask2521d ago

I agree not every game needs online but with Uncharted 2 just throwing the multiplayer in there to see if it would work they spent more time on the single player.

All they need to do is go back to what Uncharted 2s multiplayer was like

No Kickbacks
No loadouts
No Weapon mods
No Upgradable boosters

Just whatever weapon you find lying around the map, your skill and the two boosters to give you a .....well...boost. Uncharted deserves a simple unique online not a COD like one

n4gisatroll2521d ago


I agree, I am still playing uncharted 2 mp over u3. It's my game of the year, but they added waaaaaaaay too much, almost trying to get that cod crowd.

IGW_Fobia2521d ago

I just don't understand why, like you, many people feel that if a developer adds multiplayer to their game, they are somehow skimping on the single player experience.
I honestly can say, from my perspective, they were not held back by making a strong mp experience. My reasons:
1. They already the vast majority of the development tools in place from Uncharted 2 (yes, they still had to make some, but the time spent on developing those tools was far less).
2. Working within the same universe/world with the same characters for a third time makes the process move much quicker and smoother.
3. The story in Uncharted 3 is just as good, if not better, than what we were given in Uncharted 2. I too love Elena, but for the fact that you wanted to see more of her in U3, doens't mean the game is lacking in any stretch of the word.

Sadly, in today's world, if you have a shooter game and are going to feature a mp component to it, you have to copy the COD style of play just for the sheer popular-level of that.

ASTAROTH2521d ago

Are you saying they devoted more time to the multiplayer? Are you comparing with COD?? Jesus. If they dedicated their time to the multiplayer then why is that the multiplayer has lots of glitches, lagging, and just 4 new maps?? Yes the other maps are recicled from the U2 multiplayer. The campaing is as good as Uncharted 2, the campaing graphics are better than U2, the sounds... everything.

All of a sudden everybody is complaining... if you could make a better game fine but my advice is that stop posting here or stop writing articles on the internet trying to make your opinion important and start producing fine AAA games. Fans always complain. . . I remember when they complain about U2 multiplayer... ND listened and changed it then the fans complained because didnt like it, now U3 multi plays most like the first multy of U2 and people are still complaining... There is no way to keep a whore pleased.

mandf2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Haters gonna hate. Watch all the goty awards stack. It was a great game with a lot of no name websites and fanboys trying to discredit and nit pick any thing they can find to make it less of a game. No big name website or publication discredited the game or nit picked it so leave it to the bloggers and fanboys to throw mud. Batman nor gears got this much hate. I would list the 50 plus articles in just the last week but it would be a waste of time. Stop hating.

xPhearR3dx2521d ago

"Watch all the goty awards stack."

Skyrim says hi. This ain't 2009 aka: the year with no games.

WhiteLightning2521d ago

I'm not saying Skyrim dosen't deserve to be GOTY or it's crap....I love it, it's amazing


GOTY depends on not just the gameplay but how well the game was crafted. Skyrim is full of bugs, hell the PS3 is the worse....least with Uncharted they crafted this amazing game, not saying it's perfect with the whole aiming problem going on but to be honest it didn't really effect most people. Lets not forget PC fans were a little dissapointed with the PC version of SKyrim and the PC audience was supposed to be their main audience.

xPhearR3dx2521d ago

Where are these bugs? I've played 75 hours so far, had the game freeze twice. That's it. I've had no other issues on 360. RDR was filled with bugs, but look how big that game was and it still won COUNTLESS amounts of GOTY awards. Skyrim is even bigger, with more content and much more variety, and I've experienced less bugs than in RDR. Uncharted 3 is a linear game, it should be more polished than a massive open world game such as Skyrim. It doesn't matter what anything is suppose to be, you base your judgement on what it is, not what you wanted it to be.

LarVanian2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Killzone 2
Halo Wars
Fear 2
Skate 2
Star Ocean
Street Fighter 4
Resident Evil 5
inFamous 1
Brutal Legend
Tales of Vesperia
Red Haction: Guerllia
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Need For Speed: Shift
Tekken 6
Assassin's Creed 2
Modern Warfare 2
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time
The Saboteur
Operation Flashpoint
Forza 3
Wipeout Pure
Demon's Souls
Uncharted 2

2009 had no games? Really? Dude where you in a coma or something that year?

Raf1k12521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

360 version does seem to be the best when it comes to playability Skyrim. PS3 one has a few issues and I've come across a few rather annoying bugs on the PC version.

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Burning_Finger2521d ago

This article needs to be aim to COD series..not Uncharted.

Hifist12521d ago

Shooting sections are just horrible. Otherwise it's great game but not even close to GOTY.

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