I Am Alive is 6-8 hours long

IncGamers: Digital game, boxed length.

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Buzz7S2523d ago

So after what, 4-5 years of waiting and them being worried of the game being a flop (which is why they opted for digital and not disc), they are giving us a game which is 6-8 hours long?

And they think people do not have modded Xbox 360/PS3 consoles..... they just lost a legitimate player, that's for sure.

Heartnet2523d ago

Quite a long title for a Digital download nowadays id say :)


depends what they charge for it.

if it's like 1200 MS points then, thats kind of standard yes.

if it's a full priced retail game then thats crap, but having said that was MW3 any longer... most games seem to be shrinking in size. Rage for all it's open worldness was not that long.

thank god for games like skyrim. Thats why games like it can have my money.

BattleAxe2523d ago

@ Heartnet,

I Digitally Downloaded GTA4 from Steam, and I spent around 37 hours on it....

Heartnet2523d ago


Gta4 is a 100million dollar game that was a retail / boxed copy version first....

Not to mention the size of it is far largert han this title in terms of size

JaredH2523d ago

For the scope that the game seemed to be at first this seems short, but I guess they did start again from scratch, and it's now downloadable. As long as the game play is fun and it has the survival feel they're trying to make it I'll probably check it out.

Tony P2523d ago

I think a lot of people, even the supporters, are interpreting this as 6-8 hours of "total enjoyment" instead of 6-8 hours "to finish the story".


I am alive should be named I am dead. I don't care about this game any more.

AG-Mike2523d ago

The price has to be a factor. I can tell you that I just finished up Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Ico took me roughly 5 and a half hours. SotC took me roughly 6 and a half on normal. If it brings an experience like those two games, it is well worth it. If it brings an experience like Battlefield 3 or MW3, yikes.

PetitPiPi2523d ago

MW3? Please tell me you're not talking about the campaign. If so, name me a better military campaign? I'm VERY curious because i've played them all.

Berserk2523d ago

Agree MW3 is an Epic campaign. For me personally beats KZ3, and possibly Resistance 3, perhaps equal for me :P

Grip2523d ago

they all sucks but the best out there is Halo

AG-Mike2523d ago

I am absolutely talking about the campaign. Call of Duty 4 was the best of the series. MW3 was short and did nothing for me because we'd seen all the set pieces before. You can even read my review if you so choose as I talk about that.

5 hours to beat it on hardened versus 5.5 hours in Ico?

I'll take that Ico experience. That's my point.

pctrollv52523d ago

and you are serious about this? man, how is gaming going down the craphole so fast, we got people like you saying mw3 has the best campaign out there. Set pieces, no recoil, too easy, boring, predictable and horrible washed out graphics. 5 hours long doesn't help it either. I had more fun playing MOH's 4 hr campaign than MW3. At least MOH kept it interesting and kept some tension and had very nice visuals. MW3, my god. Hell, even bf3 had a much better and more fun campaign and lets not forget how much better it looked.

PetitPiPi2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

LMAO at the pctroll talking about BF3's campaign being better then MW3's. You just proved you're a COD hater. Try being a gamer for a change.

"Set pieces, no recoil, too easy, boring, predictable and horrible washed out graphics"

You sure you're not confusing games there fanboy??

MOH = Garbage. This dude has no idea what he is talking about. May i suggest you find another hobby. It's either you have terrible taste in games or you're blind and stupid. Most likely the latter since we're on N4G.

@ AG-Mike

Thanks dude! Now I know who to avoid when reading reviews. If you beat MW3 in 5 hours on hardened (huge doubts) then how long did it take you to beat BF3's campaign on hard?

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Tony P2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

@Mike: All the shooter nonsense aside, do you really expect a SotC or Ico out of this game?

I mean, to be fair, it's possible... but I'm pretty sure they aren't getting the funding, development time, or personal support of a console manufacturer like those games did.

jay22523d ago

So pleased we've got a long game, when I heard D.L only I thought NO! but it's a good length
so it's a day one (and one of the only Dl only titles I own.

Rifkens2523d ago

Why do people whinge over how long a game is?

True, if its like, 2-3 hours long

xPhearR3dx2523d ago

Because it's a new IP that's 6-8 hours long, that's been in development for YEARS. People don't drop $60 for a short game with no replay value anymore.

Grip2523d ago

it's not gonna be 60$ its digital wich is under or 30$ at max

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