Grand Theft Auto IV, EFLC and Chinatown Wars, GTA V images found

Tell me taking a header. Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V, advertise waited a long time. I think these tips to find the players wished to have engaged in, or perhaps even claimed. Hope the players feel that they are now announcing that the cut is now time to announce that period. I believe Rockstar Grand Theft Auto IV, V, the first imagefilm EFLC and GTA Chinatown Wars series of sections offered. Where? South Broker, Firefly Island funfair located. When we look at the pictures fame backdrop of America's "VineWood" sign, GTA V video of the plane exactly like the last chapter. Then Rockstar Games really make fun of us ... :)

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snuew2612d ago

I never notice that ether.... and I'v 100% EFLC (PS3)

snuew2612d ago

WOW... it was right there all the time.... I never notice that ether

BlmThug2612d ago

It was right under our noses and we never knew :O

BIG-JOH2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

That's cool, i hope they find more of these things

DeadManMcCarthy2611d ago

I noticed it ages ago but didn't think much of it because it's clearly of San Andreas not GTA V.

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