How Well Does Kinect Work With Halo?

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary supports some Kinect functionality. Is it worth it for a diehard fan of Halo to purchase a Kinect for those features? Ryan Johnson gives a detailed description of how Kinect is used within the new Halo.

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RyanDJ2517d ago

I think it is crazy that they can't put Kinect ANYwhere on the box when it is DLC, not even "optional". Guess I understand, though, if someone is offline.

SilentNegotiator2517d ago

Uhhh, that makes perfect sense to me. People not connected to the internet don't have that option at all. If it's not on the disc, it shouldn't be advertised on the box.

RyanDJ2517d ago

In the end, that's what I'm saying. It does make sense, but I guess that it should say "available as DLC".

After all, Catwoman is only available if you DLC on Arkham City, yet she's majorly advertised. Even if you buy it new, you can't access her if you aren't online.

FordGTGuy2517d ago

It's a common mistake to say that a $20 headset can do the same as Kinect with voice commands. The truth is, that is wrong the difference being that a microphone would require the game itself to have all the voice commands built in.

Kinect can do the voice commands and interpret your voice to data and send it to the Xbox. Instead of with a microphone which would require the console and the game to interpret the response and turn it into data so it can be used for the game.

RyanDJ2517d ago

My argument is still valid I feel, as if they just put the Kinect software in with some little bit that allowed any mic instead of just the Kinect mic to recognize it, it would work. Not asking the GAME to recognize it...just saying it would have been a simple software update to the system.

mcstorm2517d ago

I agree with you here and I am a big fan of Kinect but the biggest problem I have found with the voice command on Kinect is if you have a centre speaker behind your kinect it can cause a problem when the volume is at a cretin level and you have to shout your command to the tv. If there was some way next gen they keep kinect and the Voice but add the voice into the ear peace as well as it is closer to your mouth and for the core games I play loud it would work better but when the volume is low the command work really well and I think MS are onto something with Kinect but I think next gen will be when we see it at its best for the core.

SilentNegotiator2517d ago

The commands are in the software. Kinect does not 'interpret' commands and send them to the xbox like Kinect has 'Dragon' built-in or something; software handles that.

A cheap headset could do the exact same thing.

Dusdg2517d ago

You are wrong good sir. It's the reason why Mass effect has voice commands in the Xbox version and not the ps3. Because the kinects CPU is handling everything to do with the voice translation. That came straight from the devs themselves. Now I do like the idea of the Kinect syncing up with a headset when it's plugged in.

Jocosta2517d ago

It's handled by the Kinect cpu dum dum.

yesmynameissumo2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Sorry Dusdg, but Kinect doesn't have a CPU, it was removed prior to launch. All the processing is handled by the 360. Swing and a miss!

enfestid2516d ago

Sorry, yesmynameissumo, you are also wrong as the Kinect has a built-in voice recognition system, even if it does not have a standalone CPU :

yesmynameissumo2516d ago

Sorry enfestid, that's no different than what Kinect currently does with voice. "Dum Dums", as Jocosta pointed out, think Kinect has a doesn't. You apparently think it has some voice recognition outside what it already doesn't. Rainbow Six on the Xbox1 was using voice commands (without Kinect!). The only reason it's in ME3 is to manufacture the idea "this can only be done with Kinect" can be done with simple mics. Software does the heavy lifting.

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