Survey Results: Mobile Games are not Killing Consoles

A survey of gamers and tech enthusiasts suggests that, contrary to what many analysts think, mobile phone and tablet games are not harming games console sales.

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supremacy2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Well what did you expect? I mean nothing can come close to that home experience.

Phones are suppose to be the future of gaming? And who is to say that everyone who gets a phone is getting and subjecting themselves to long term contracts just to play games?

When a gaming console or a dedicated gaming handheld is purchased, then you know why its being purchased for...You know to play games. Unfortunately the same cant be said about phones.

With that said; big time publishers cant guarantee themselves a sell through while trying to push their 60dollar games in comparisson to those small bite size 99cent games.

And with the size of these companies there is no way they will suddenly stop making big budget games for smaller profit gains in a platform thats pretty much the face of fragmentation.

What I mean is...with the exception of apple, andriod runs on many different devices which leads to said fragmentation. Not every phone out there will be able to run every game smoothly assuming they start cranking console like games which are obviously far superior and more complex than say...infini blade could ever be?

Also there is the issue of price, most of these highend phones already exceed the costs of dedicated handhelds or even the home gaming consoles themselves. If its just to have the privilage to game, then signing up for long term contracts just to stay up to date with the latest and most capable phone is just silly.

Then you got yourself a dilema, which shouldntbethe case since phones are just that, phones. But with the persistance of the media and these so called anylists blowing the smartphones is the future of gaming talk, we now do. And that little dilema happens to be battery life; play your phone to death like most hardcore gamers do their dedicated gaming handhelds on the regular basis? Or do you...simply use that battery life you know related purposes? After all one needs that battery life for emergencies?

All phones can ever do is offer small bite size games for their current price points.

In the future I do foresee a hybrid plug and play device one like a tablet with console specs that perhaps functions as both tablet and a console. But for now I dont see much changing.

On a side note, it would be nice if Sony came out with a new 180gb ps3 skue which included a wifi version vita & copy of ruin for 450? That...would be something.

egidem2521d ago

"Survey Results: Mobile Games are not Killing Consoles"
Obviously we as gamers have always known this fact. The targeted demographic is just different from ours, and this is something that "industry experts" keep getting wrong. They think that all video games are targeted towards all the same people.

supremacy2521d ago

Yeah, tell me about it. Its just ridiculous if you ask me.

SDF Repellent2522d ago

totally different demographic. Of course it won't kill console. That is like saying ipad/tablets will kill LCD/LED television set. Not going to happen.

Tanir2521d ago

exactly, cuz Why the hell would i stop playin dark souls to play some angry birds......analyst are retarded

miyamoto2521d ago

It is really interesting that ARM has caught up with Intel & AMD so amazingly fast! And I mean lightning fast like The Flash!

If you look at PS Vita, a Wii U, controller, a smartphone and a tablet and the iControl Pad you can already see where video games are going at. It will all go back to that old video game machine called the.....

Nintendo Game & Watch - a portable pocket sized gaming device with a screen and buttons from the 1980s.

The screen now is the most vital part of it though.

Even though Nintendo is against this because of cost of production... but a lot of electronics companies specially Sony are trying their best to marry the PC, the Phone and the PlayStation all in one. The PSP Go, the Xperia Play and the PS Vita are getting close. Its only a matter of time before we get there.

Another good direction is the phonetablet with stylus and iControl Pad-ish accessories. Which I feel will be mainstream standard by next year.

There is one Android game I really really like on my Galaxy S2. Its called Third Blade and its made in SKorea. Once a PS3 Dual Shock 3 app becomes available to Android with out rooting of course the enjoyment will be 100%!

upallnightgamer2521d ago

Of course not. There are good, quality titles for mobiles, but they can't come close to games like Red Dead Redemption or Mass Effect 3.

Noticeably_FAT2521d ago

How the hell could they? I think they are totally different sets of people. I don't even use mobile gaming of any sort, I couldn't tell you what an Angry Bird is, except that I have heard it's a stupid mobile game.

Consoles and even handhelds are safe, this comparison is off basis to begin with and I think it'd be like saying because Farmville has hundreds of millions of people on it the AAA titles on consoles are in danger...get outta here!

Bigpappy2521d ago

You got it right Noticeably_FAT. I know so many people who own smart phones and never even downloaded a game. I have a smart phone, and the only game I have ever played on it is Freecell. There are many console gamers who do not play mobile games and vice-versa.

_Aarix_2517d ago

Well I use my iphone to game all the time, So far I've Played:

World of goo
Plants vs zombies
Dead space
Real racing
Gta chinatown wars
First 3 final fantasy and tactics
Chaos rings
Ray man 2
Tony hawk pro skater 2
Modern combat 2
Infinity blade
Phoenix wright
Sonic 4
Rock band
Crash bandicoot nitro kart
Rainbow six: shadow vanguard

Those are at the top of my head. Theyre good games

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