NOA confirms that Wii will not play Hollywood DVD movies.

Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, confirmed to IGN Wii today that its forthcoming Wii console will not play Hollywood DVD movies. The decision to remove the functionality was made in order to deliver the machine at a cheaper cost and because most people today already own DVD players.

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Ravenator5295860d ago

I already have 5 DVD players in my house as it is. Two regular players, 360, PS2, and a portable DVD player.

If it made the Wii cheaper, then I say good move.

bernie5860d ago

including the consoles, PC drives and actual DVD hardware, my household has 9 DVD players already.
I think using the Wii as purely a games console will make a nice change.

DreDawgg075860d ago

Correct me if im wrong but did Nintendo say anything about selling the Wii no higher than 150$? But besides that 250$ for a "SuperCharged" Gamecube, Quoting GearBox President. Im sure it would have been no problem to add a simple DVD player to the Wii since DVDs are here to stay for another 4-6 years. I think this is just a convenience factor for college kids and highschool kids who dont want to lug around a dvd player with their Wii..Not bashing but just saying is all..

Ravenator5295860d ago

Nintendo never said anything about $150. At E3 Nintendo stated that the Wii would be priced NO HIGHER than $250. So then the rumors and speculation of a $200 Wii started to circulate. Nintendo never confirmed or denied any of these price rumors over time.

And the DVD argument is really "reaching" IMO. I mean, who doesn't have a least one DVD player in their house/dorm room/apartment etc, etc...

I don't know anybody who doesn't at least have one DVD player. I think it was a good move if the statement is true about making the Wii cheaper.

kingboy5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

even if it played dvd`s its just a plus on the system not a disadvantage

Boink5860d ago

seems odd for it not to play DVD's. but the GC didn't do it either, so I don't think folks will expect it. would have been nice though.

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The story is too old to be commented.