Virtua Tennis PS Vita new screenshots

Virtua Tennis PS Vita Impressive new screenshots. They look pretty good considering the game is for the Vita.

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NukaCola2524d ago

"They look pretty good considering the game is for the Vita"

This 'because it's for' comment is lame. There are games on DS, PS One, N64, and indi titles that blow away big HD consoles with their visuals, art style, and fluidity.

joeorc2522d ago

That "for PSVita" is pretty funny when Arm core SOC's with GPU's will support DX11 full support for handheld's!

HandHeld Hardware has changed quite a bit more than people think. An PSVita is just the start of these new chipsets in handheld an tablet devices.

FXI cotton candy has a 5 core SOC computer that is the size of a thumb stick an can plug into any Hdmi TV or USB port host such as your android smartphone or Tablet or windows or Linux PC.

that has a 4 core GPU on a thumb stick sized drive an less than $200.00
Which has UBUNTU an Android OS on that thumb drive PC an you are not just talking about hanhelds anymore really, the hardware going into these handheld devices have hardware now that in all rights really are something Desk top level of hardware was put into PC's less than 10 years ago.

That may seem outdated to some, but if you think about it. This is put into something in as a portable device that supports full Api that the very same desktop or tower PC's use right now in their GPU's that is Quite fantastic in my opinion.