Square Enix: direct Final Fantasy sequels mean better Final Fantasy games

OXM UK: We don't have to "build everything from the ground up".

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MaideninBlack2524d ago

Now they realise this. I still want a Final Fantasy VIII and IX sequel. And a prequal to FFX.

WhiteLightning2524d ago

" I still want a Final Fantasy VIII"

Hell yeah...I think most of us do

Don't see why FF7 gets a sequel and FF13.....they could of taken the whole "Rinoa will become Ultimecia" theory and the game can go from there with the gang trying to rewrite history while also battling another threat. The game could be a prequel aswell during the sourceress war leading up to how Laguna defeated Adel.

Tanir2524d ago

white lightning, that would be pretty cool for rinoa actually.

a ff7 sequel wud stil be nice since genesis is still alive and the word apparently turns to crap 500 years after ward so curious to see what else happened.

ffx prequel would be ok, im not a jecht fan though....or an ff10 fan for that matter.

though im happy to see a ff13 sequel, it was a chance to use lightning and serah correctly, and the new rival is pretty cool.

not a fan of 9 at all personally, dont see how a sequel would come from it, i mean it prettty much closed off everything at the end

kindi_boy2524d ago

Well, am not holding my breath for neither 7 nor a better FF game.

Kur02524d ago

Prequel to FFX? That would be boring, we all know what happens to Lord Braska. Plus no Yuna would suck.

Hicken2523d ago

There's the whole Machina War to think about. Imagine playing a game set in that time period, when you know the character you play is going to be killed by Yevon as Sin.

RedDead2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

No sequels, they have the potential to crap on the previous game. Such as FF-X's ending being ruined. What was wrong with the old days? New game new story, new characters

kreate2523d ago

I dont really expect much from square enix anymore.

u ask for a game and they'll probablly give u something else nobody asked for.

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SpoonyRedMage2524d ago

...But the direct sequels haven't been great. X-2, Revenant Wings and FFIV: The After Years are okay at best.

Pozzle2524d ago

Not to mention the absolute mess that was Dirge of Cerberus. Was everyone who worked on that game completely unfamiliar with EVERYTHING about Final Fantasy VII. D:

Catoplepas2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

X-2 was a tad saccharine but it wasn't a bad game, I seem to remember being rather pleased to return to Spira.

Edit - Hit reply on the wrong person. Oh well.

Tony P2524d ago

FFVII was (I believe) a stand alone story. Then they went back in, comic book style, and added ten tons of backstory the game didn't need.

Most of their FF games have been meant to stand alone, so I hope they aren't intending to go back in and (possibly) foul up the past.

Tony P2524d ago

Could be dangerous territory. The industry is already plagued with sequelitis as it is.

Canary2524d ago

Sequels have nothing to do with anything.

Square-Enix has been trying to not have to "build everything from the ground up" for the better part of the decade. Hence the "White Engine" and their experiments with Unreal. Their idea of a sequel is more of what other developers would consider an expansion pack--reusing all the assets (areas, items, characters, etc.) to build a "new" game. It's an extraordinarily half-assed approach.

Or, rather, an incompetent approach. Particularly when you couple that with their overly long development cycles.

Optical_Matrix2524d ago

No need for direct sequels but what I do know is yes, they don't need to build everything from the ground up each time. Building from the ground up is probably whats taking Versus XIII so damn long.

KrimsonKody2524d ago

I can't say that I truly agree with the sequel thing.
X-2 was the best FF sequel ever & that was meh @ best (I was more intrigued with all the costumes & secret summons then anything).
However, I do see the purpose of Square wanting to do more sequels, but they have to choose wisely; FFVII-2 & X-3 (with a return of Tidus, or Auron) would be hot.

Kingdom Hearts III!

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