Hilarious Skyrim walking glitch

GB: "Here’s a hilarious video for you that shows a walking glitch in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. It’s very funny, and though we’ve seen stuff like this before, you won’t be able to stop laughing when you see this."

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Karooo2616d ago

There are so many wonderful glitches in this game, the possibilities are endless!

Heartnet2616d ago

fail.. buggs shudnt be praised :)

Shubhankar2616d ago

It IS hilarious. The article doesn't praise the bug, it just says it's funny. Which it is.

pcz2616d ago

also an embarrassment to the devs and insult to the consumer

Shubhankar2616d ago

The article clearly says the glitch is not the developer's fault, and that it's not within the game itself, but only because "the user was using the developer console on PC to mess around." "This is not Bethesda’s fault." "This isn’t a glitch in the actual game itself."

Read properly.

Now tell me, how is that embarrassing to the devs or insulting to the consumers?

SM932616d ago

Non-game-breaking glitches are the best :)

Motorola2616d ago

Skooma is one helluva drug.