Bungie's quitter ban killed Halo: Reach

Halo 3 topped the LIVE Activity charts for years. Reach has fallen all the way down to 8th just over one year since its release. Bungie's silly "quitter ban" may be one of the reasons for this.

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Buzz7S2517d ago

This is in effect? I never even knew.

Makes me think twice about trying to have fun while playing the game.

Laxman2517d ago

Are you trying to say you only have fun when you quit in a matchmaking-based game with lobbies instead of mid-game joining?

Xander7562517d ago

I think he is trying to say that if he's not having fun in a game, he's going to be forced into staying in it anyway which in the end makes the whole experience less fun.

thrasherv32517d ago

Lets not kid ourselves, Reach is an over-rated game. That's why no one plays it. Bungie lost their touch with that game.

Laxman2517d ago

No one plays it becuase it involves a lot of skill before you can score big at it, unlike almost every other FPS game on consoles right now, and people just like to be able to get a lot of kills with little shooting and be able to kill anyone who they see first withouth giving them a chance like in Call of Duty and Battlefield, whereas in Halo, you can start shooting someone, only for the to turn around and if they are a more skilled player, kill you.

Grimhammer002517d ago

Which may or may not be fun depending on the level of realism you want in your fps.

thrasherv32517d ago

So what your saying is Halo3 required no skill? Because a shit load of gamers played that game for a long time. Even with all the new CoD games coming out.