Amazing Black Friday Deals to Buy Battlefield 3 From Major Retailers

Black Friday is here, and the buyer doesn't even have to go to the store to take advantage of the incredible deals to buy Battlefield 3 from Amazon, Best Buy​, Wal Mart​, Toys R Us, Gamestop/EB Games​, Target and EA's Origin Store.

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Brownghost2523d ago

ran out at walmart so had to got to target, $9 difference isnt a big deal

SpaceFox2523d ago

I found the last Limited Edition at my local Best Buy. Like a boss.

GamerElite2523d ago

U call that a deal, $10 off the regular price. Bullshit

mittwaffen2523d ago

I can beat that...

29.99 for a RU cd-key thats complete legit.
50% off sounds even better.

Some choose the better deals; some choose lesser.