"Skyrim is a FPS"

Addict of Fiction writes:
"“Skyrim is an FPS”
First off please read all of us, this isn’t my opinion so don’t troll us, or if you do sign up first."

"I was walking along the Develop Conference and I heard someone say “Skyrim is pretty much an FPS, if you play a ranger. “"

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byrnezy2519d ago

On that theory Tekken is a racer :)

ironfist922519d ago

Heck, I'd still buy it if it was

dark-hollow2519d ago

It is an fps!

Its in first person perspective and you shoot fireballs and lightning :p

calibann2519d ago

Skyrim is not a first person shooter. Skyrim is an RPG. Yes there are elements that you could describe as ''FPS'' but that doesn't mean the whole game falls under that category. You have to look at the game as a whole and decide what category suits it best. Since you have a choice to play it as, for example, an FPS or as a 3rd person hack n slash, it should be reffered to as an RPG.

AtomicGerbil2519d ago

In that case then, Dragon age is a TPS, GT5 is a RTS and BF3 is a flight sim.

sikbeta2519d ago

Oh you... screwed the comment I was going to make :P

Cablephish2519d ago

FPS = First-Person Spellcaster


First-Person Swordwielder

Kakihara2519d ago

In my case..

First person sneaker.

First person stop now and then to pan around my character in third person checking out how goddamn cool he lookser.

First person shit self when ice troll appearser.

360ICE2519d ago

It's not a shooter just because you can shoot things. I'd say exploration is way more central than shooting in Skyrim. AND there's a third person mode and lots of swordfighting and close quarter combat to be had just to make sure that this is not an FPS. To be sure you won't find the word first person shooter anywhere on the wiki page. (i know that on its own proves nothing)

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Matt06112519d ago

What about his everywhere?

xstreetsweeperx2519d ago

He writes a lot of places. That is what I initially intended this to be

Godmars2902519d ago

I've always thought of anything with a first person perspective and a ranged attack component as a FPS.

The only games that are are Myst and Mirror's Edge even though the latter has guns. Many TPS like Uncharted, Gears and inFaamous are in the same category as FPS as far as I'm concerned despite that two of them have platformer elements.

bozebo2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

"Many TPS like Uncharted, Gears and inFaamous are in the same category as FPS as far as I'm concerned"
this ^

Though infamous is rather different.

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kesvalk2519d ago

nope, skyrim is a genre mixer, like pretty much every game this generation.

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