PS3 Ni no Kuni Sold Only 40% of Stock

Andriasang writes, "With first week sales of 65,000 units, it may have seemed that the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni wasn't performing to expectations. Media Create seems to confirm this suspicion today with word that the game sold through just 40% of retail stock."

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NewMonday2613d ago

Maybe launching to long after the DS vesion killed the hype.
Or very close to FF13-2
Or becaus it launched the same day as MW3
Or all of the above

And their is a changing trend in Japan, even U3 outsold it day 1

I think the game will sell better in the west, just give it good marketing and keep it away from FF13-2

raWfodog2613d ago

Hope this doesn't affect NA localization. I will definitely buy this game. I love fantasy RPGs.

jc485732613d ago

level 5 is way different from other companies. they're all about western localization

raWfodog2613d ago

Yeah but the localization was going to be handled by Namco Bandai and they have already shown that they won't necessarily localize just because NA fans express great interest. Just take a look at the Tales series.

xflo3602613d ago

This is day one buy for me! Infact this will be the first game that I have ever imported when it's released in USA!

Focus2613d ago

Yet another over-hyped game that did not translate to actual sales. What happened to all those articles and people saying it was the most beautiful game on ps3?? Why are they not buying it? How did MW3 outsell this in Japan?? Lol looks like its a universal thing to talk big about exclusives and not actually buy them.

Optical_Matrix2613d ago

What stupid logic you're using Focus. No one said the game is bad, in fact the game is constantly praised and got great reviews in Japanese publications. But with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Playstation Vita incoming in Japan, it seems to have affected the sales.

Give it a rest. What you're saying is far from intellectual and if anything, nonsense. I think the game will do far better in the west where the console market is bigger. Well known fact that the only JRPG's that do well on consoles in Japan are Tales of and Final Fantasy.

SpoonyRedMage2613d ago

I don't think it's fair to blame FFXIII-2 or Vita for the bad sales. Plenty of other games have done well recently and hardware sales are as healthy as ever.

The game's failure rests solely on Level 5's and the game's shoulders. They misread their audience.

kikizoo2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Let him enjoy ridiculous articles from fanboyz blogs(probably nintendo's fan here, desperate to see that gem on ps3), he has no game to play...when the exclusives he can't play (selling like hot cakes : uncharted3 for the last one) are most of the time the best games each years..

by the way, wait some weeks before talking about sales f..trolls.

GribbleGrunger2613d ago

what are you talking about? why oh why do people like you think that sales mean everything. didn't you see the videos of the game? it IS beautiful and it IS the best looking JRPG we've seen this generation. stop it with this nonsense, you people are making yourself look foolish

Kur02613d ago

Nice job ignoring the Tales PS3 games that sell like 1m+ in Japan.

GrandTheftZamboni2613d ago

"articles and people saying it was the most beautiful game on ps3"

Did you really see an article saying that or are you just lying?

Edgeofglory2613d ago

Its not even out in the rest of the world you troll.

MariaHelFutura2613d ago

I haven't seen a 1/44 for a while.

Pacman3212613d ago

Even trolls don't agree with him.

Knushwood Butt2612d ago

Surprising, but I kind of agree with Spoony about them mis-judging the audience. Or rather, mis-targeting the game.

Cosmo8112612d ago

This is the worst comment I've ever seen on N4G.

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CaptainMarvelQ82613d ago

I Hope this doesn't affect localization.

Yangus2613d ago

MW3 outsell Ni no Kuni JAPAN............JRPG versus FPS!!!LOL!!!!!!WTF?

-Ni no Kuni flop-END.

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