The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Game of the Year 2011 selects its 'GOTY' after Community voting came to end. Read why it chose Skyrim for its 'GOTY' for 2011.

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Chuk52518d ago

I support this decision.

VINNIEPAZ2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Me too. This game put a stop to anything else I wanted to play this month (Even Zelda which is still in the plastic). I cannot stop thing about this game!!! I started on my Xbox 360 and at around level 35 I got the game for PC and it ran so much better I just couldn't go back the the Xbox version and be happy. I wanted the best experience I can outta this game so I started over and am now level 33. Loving the mods also.

I knew it was gonna be good, but this blew away my expectations by 1000. So far my GOTY (maybe this gen)

[email protected] - "guys remember this is N4G you cannot say any other game deserves GOTY instead of Uncharted 3. hence why you all are getting disagrees'

Yea you are 100% correct about the fanboys here.

Skip_Bayless2518d ago

Skyrim is game of the year. But the top games of this generation are still COD4, Uncharted 2, Oblivion, Mass Effect 1, and then finally Skyrim. In that order.

slayorofgods2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

first the obvious one.
Skyrim > Oblivion

COD4 was good but activision is doing what they do best; tarnishing the name. COD4, fun for a little while, never was the best game this generation. Hell no.

Mass Effect 2 > Mass Effect 1,
Mass Effect 1 has the better rpg features..... Elder Scroll games have better rpg features then Mass Effect 1.

Here's the one the has gamers at each others throat.
Uncharted or Elder Scrolls.

ok I'll take a side, Skyrim over U3 for GOTY.

MrDead2518d ago

This story shows the sort of gamers that N4G has. "guys remember this is N4G you cannot say any other game deserves GOTY instead of Uncharted 3".... grow the hell up you pathetic children.

Uncharted deserves GOTY awards same as GOW, LBP2, Portal 2, Skyrim, Zelda, Witcher 2... etc. Most of you havent played these games you comment on because you get moronically offended by different systems.

I hope Duke Nukem wins then maybe it will shut most of you little turds up and the comment section will be readable again.

DARK WITNESS2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

@ Mrdead

Is it ok then if I have played uncharted to..Twice! and still think skyrim is the better game?

any, for me personally this video sums up why skyrim is my game of the year;

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GodKing13372518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

well there is no better made game this year, so I would go with Skyrim. This game has been known to have ten trillion hours of game play >:)

bacano2518d ago

Great year, indeed. I still think Portal 2 is GOTY.

SJPFTW2518d ago

guys remember this is N4G you cannot say any other game deserves GOTY instead of Uncharted 3. hence why you all are getting disagrees

DonaldBeck2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

it seems your the only ones saying this.

edit,msclmexican, peopleare making it seem like it looks like a ps1 game, i looked at the comparison screens and laughed, people exagerate stuff. and im not upset, i payed 8 bucks for skyrim brand new.

@buzz7s, careful now, your talking about uncharted, a franchise with more awards than any bethesda game, or any for that matter.

MsclMexican2518d ago

Skyrim is visually stunning on both consoles... the problem is that on ps3, once you hit a save file of over 6mb, your f**ked.

And it sucks to because I was really looking forward to skyrim, but the game refuses to let me play it.

Thats why I voted Uncharted 3... i finished it and I loved every second of it.

I love Skyrim too, but until Bethesda patches the game, I won't be able to progress anymore

Laxman2518d ago

He is the only one saying this, becuase all those who disagree are just being sneaky disagree-ninjas becuase they dont have any real arguments to support thier decision.

MsclMexican2518d ago

No... its because most people like my self are upset that Bethesda once again made a shoddy port of such a great game. It is so broken on PS3 that ps3 gamers refuse to let it win GOTY because we feel cheated...

But yeah...uncharted 3 has my vote... the only GOTY nominee I have not played is Skyward... but I lost my wii.... ):

Bolts2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Other than Oblivion. Name a single Bethesda RPG that doesn't have memory issue with the PS3. This is why bought mine for the PC. After Fallout Vegas there's no way way I'm buying their game on the console ever again.

Buzz7S2518d ago

Agreed 100%. Even around the time of the whole PSN hacking scandal, I bashed on the PS3 a little and made it clear that I have a PS3 and I will be playing Uncharted 2 while the whole thing blows over... I got called a liar and an Xbox fanboy.

Go figure.

When Naughty Dog can produce a game which involves hundreds of hours of gameplay, then I'm sure a lot of us can say "Uncharted deserves GOTY". Until that happens, which it probably never will, PS3 fanboys need to take a seat and watch a true developer, develop a true GOTY.

saint_seya2518d ago

ure a true troll, i can understand that u dont like it or thing goty needs to have a lot of hours to play, but saying true developer (downgrading ND), develop a true goty, makes u sound just bad..
Ure just a troll, i can buy a 360 and still be troll bashing or downgrading the 360 games, even if i play them, hiding behing a ps3 dont change that fact.
U can prise all u want skyrim, but bashing Uncharted or ND shows your true colors.

chobit_A5HL3Y2518d ago


you honestly sound like you're just trolling nd lolz i can't say anything bad about skyrim because i don't own it yet, but it sounds like its got quite a few glitchies to work out which is why i'm not getting it yet~

and why do you not think that nd is "true" developer?... they have a pretty good track record for releasing polished games, no? o.O

Bolts2518d ago

I haven't touched Uncharted 3 since I installed Skyrim. Its all Skyrim all the time for me now, this game just take over of everything. Life, personal hygiene, other games....are all secondary.


I have put on a bit of weight thanks to skyrim and now my sofa looks like a creator with a big dent in the middle.

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Simon_Brezhnev2518d ago

Maybe for consoles. PC should go to Witcher 2.

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