Skyrim – Sheogorath of Shivering Isle & the Lunatic Wabbajack (Daedra Artifact)

"The name Sheogorath should be quite familiar for anyone who played Oblivion’s Shivering Isle. For those who are wishing to see him once again, he’ll be making an appearance in Skyrim and give you a rare artifact of the Wabbajack." - JPS

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Kakihara2519d ago

I got waaaay too giddy when I saw the guy sitting there. I'm not sure how I can fit his existence into the canon of my Elder scrolls experience since I completed The Shivering Isles and... Well, you know what happens but it's great to have the guy back. I keep forgeting to try out the Wabbajack in the main game world though, I will do that tomorrow.

....... SUCH a good game.

videoxgamexfanboy2519d ago

i just got the wabbajack about an hr ago. gunna give it a try later.


I love it. guy goes round with the Wabbajack in one hand and a ebany sword in the other that does about 150 points of damage.

nothing like turning a bandit into a chicken and using my Thum to blow it off the side of a mountain!