Microsoft rumored to be continuing with multiple launch SKU's - Why they shouldn't?

GUFUYourself looks at the latest next-gen rumor, and adds some brief thoughts on the matter.

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blumatt2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

As long as the base (cheap) model isn't a complete stripper then it won't be a huge deal. I hope their lowest SKU still has a good sized hard drive, like over 80GB. A 4GB console just doesn't cut it for most people. And make sure that the low console isn't void of certain feature like Wifi either. Not everyone can plug an ethernet cable into their console. Sometimes it's just not feasible.

Price is gonna be more important for both the NextBox and PS4. I want to see $400 consoles this next gen, personally. Out of the gate, $400. I want affordability this time. Price is what hurt the PS3 more than the 1 year headstart. Neither helped though.

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Captain Qwark 92518d ago

i dont care as much about the price as long as its not over 500, thats still alot of money and a hell of an investment but if it last me 5+ years, i dont mind.

more importantly, if there going this stupid route again, make sure they have enough of the good system this time around so those who want it can get it. they had the cheap sku on the shelves all the time around here for the first few months, but the good one always sold out in minutes. it was irritating to say the least.

also, like you said, make sure the cheap one isnt a complete bare bones system. this way the devs can at least take advantage of the hdd this time around.

BlmThug2518d ago

I want it to be max $500 so that they dont skimp on parts such as RAM

Captain Qwark 92518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

thats actually a good point, in fact i would prefer it be $500ish if that means i get higher end parts and the possibility the system ages very well, similar to the current systems


i think thats would actually be a good model, send them a letter lol

C_Menz2518d ago

RAM will have nothing to do with the cost of next gen consoles. 8gb of RAM costs $40 retail for PC(thus the retailer buying it for around $20). So that hardly raises the price. Most of the price is located in the cpu/gpu sections along with the development costs.

Another thing to keep in mind is if they do launch in 2012(doubtful) they will have to deal with the skyrocketed HDD costs due to flooding. Previously a 1tb HDD was around $80 for a good one, however now they are close to $180-$200.

r1sh122518d ago

Totally agree, the idea and theory is great but if they execute it like the 4Gb and the 120/250/320Gb models its a complete waste.
The whole stupid arcade/4gb has really got MS in a bad position where they are forcing some dev's to create dis versions of DLC. Obviously not for map packs (COD etc) but with DLC like the GTA IV expansion.

I think they probably have learnt from a few minor setbacks, and they will make sure that the main components will be in there and the hardware has to be identical.

Felinox2517d ago

The really sneaky thing about the 4 Gb model is it's not actually a hard drive. Its a flash drive made to look look a hard drive. That's why ther've been problems with certain installs like BF3 texture pack.
From a cost cutting point it's genius.. sneaky but genius. Since i found this out I've wondered if this why MS started allowing flash drives in first place...

Droid Control2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

As long as the CORE model has a large HDD as standard I don't care. I will buy the PREMIUM model though.

I hope the PREMIUM doesn't have KINECT in the box though.
I don't think many hardcore gamers want that.

Really, M$ should sell 3 SKU's

1. CORE - basic console.
2. PREMIUM - high end console with larder HDD
3. ELITE - High end console with Kinect

user8586212518d ago

So its ok when Sony did it by removing memory cards, backwards compatibility, wifi

But when Microsoft do it then this site has a fit?

BuffMordecai2518d ago

I don't remember sony ever removing wifi, but I do remember the 360 not having it as default in the beginning, having RROD (and my console magically got it days after the warranty ran out), and charging out the ass for a cheap wifi adapter.

RavensmashSK2518d ago

This is an article purely relating to the recent next gen rumours for MS.

I'm not going to bring in Sony/Nintendo when it's frankly irrelevant.

Jdrm032518d ago

people are not understanding the two sku thing.

The lowest model is not a game console first. It's a media device with kinect integration firfst and as a second thought some dlc kinect game possibilities.

You won't see Halo, Gears, or any other real game on it.

The actual game console will have all the features the media device sku has, but actually be a gaming console first where you will find all of yoru real games on.