Want to play all the latest games with all the bells and whistles? AMD’s HD 7000 Series Specs Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Lately we’ve seen a lot of PC releases and as always, a lot of gamers are wondering if it’s time to upgrade their systems. After all, 2011 is almost over and a new high-end card would be a nice Christmas present, right? Well everyone, hold your horses as the specs for AMD’s latest GPUs series have been leaked and we can finally see what the Red Team has been preparing for us this whole time."

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egidem2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Haha yep. I still have my good old GTX 260 + Q8400 + 4GB DDR2...Not even DDR3 for god's sake! XD. I feel like my desktop is aging, but at least it can still play most games on my Steam account.

I was planning on buying one of the 5000 series but the 6000 then came out...and now a 7000 is being planned too?? Damn the PC world moves really fast. I'm gonna wait a bit before I upgrade the entire rig to something faster and better. Perhaps I could score myself a good deal on one of the high end 6000 series. If I want those eye candy features in BF3 to light up my monitor, then it's time to upgrade. :)

ProjectVulcan2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Nothing amazing abut 300w TDP for a dual GPU card. There have already been several, and even some specials that break the 400w barrier. The
Asus MARS cards for a while are power unlimited, so they can and will draw over 400w...

As for these then it is more interesting seeing what the new architecture can do against Kepler in Direct X11. I would say these like the 5870 v GTX480 will actually be slower but end up cheaper.

The more interesting side for joe average might be the very bottom end- the 7570 specced there is the slowest card and would obliterate the consoles.

We are fast approaching the point where integrated or 'fusion' GPUs are going to match console performance in 2012, with no discrete cards. So that means the discrete cards even the absolute rock bottom lowest end el cheapo ones pummel consoles.

Even if we assume the architecture is no more efficient than the existing Radeon series then a claimed 768 ALUs with 1GB memory, 64Gb/s bandwidth...this could easily be a bit faster than a 6750(itself outstripping existing consoles.) It says it is a 50 watt part i.e no external power connectors, easy silent cooling or low profile form factor variants. Thats the SLOWEST card on the list....

No better time to start being a PC gamer....

ATi_Elite2611d ago

we have already passed that point.

An ATi HD3300 is an integrated GPU that can run Crysis on Med with some High settings in DX 10.1 mode.

That chip can run BF3 using settings higher than low which are equal to console settings.

So yeah we've past that point already. The HD7000 and Next Nvdia series are gonna simply murder this gen consoles and maybe give us a look at what next gen consoles may do.

ProjectVulcan2611d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

HD3300 isn't really as fast as the consoles on every game. It can run games but not quite to the resolution and speed the consoles can, it isn't far off though.

The A8-3850 APU is probably the best bet for gaming on integrated graphics. On most games it is around a match for consoles, some poorer optimised ones it isn't, so i don't quite class it as beating them wholesale. When the minimum performance is equal or better i would class that as a complete victory.

Saying this and looking at the A8-3850 results however shows that we are extremely close, within 6 months and definitely next year where IGPs comfortably beat out consoles.

Ivy bridge could boost intel's IGP solution up to around that level.

vortis2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Haha, my 5770 OC'd already runs multiplatform games and makes the console version look like poop. Just Cause 2 on the highest settings with 4xAA and 16xAF runs at a breezy 52+ FPS. Crossfired the 5770 running DX11 games isn't even a comparison to what's available on the 360/PS3.

I imagine Xfire'd 7xxxs would probably be able to emulate PS3 and Xbox 360 games with ease. My single 5770 can already run Wii games at 101 fps with 9xAA, 16xAF and all the per-pixel shading maxed out.

Intentions2611d ago

Yep.. it's official I need to upgrade.

BattleAxe2611d ago

Just say no to AMD, they just aren't as well supported as nVidia.

ATi_Elite2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Simply gonna wait till Nvidia drops their new cards although AMD GPU's are really super awesome, i just want to see comparisons and price drops.

Unless your just drowning in cash i would just wait till summer of 2012 before buying a new GPU unless you need one for BF3 right now.

But that dam XDR2 Vram sounds SEXY!!!

"Must resist new TECH"....screw it I'll get a low end card for my HTPC.

mittwaffen2610d ago

GTX 580 still perddy good.

hiredhelp2610d ago

WOW cool with the recent TDR issues with nvidia cards. im really thinking of going back to AMD.

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SantistaUSA2611d ago

This is possibly the architecture (modified) that will be used in the "XBOX 720".

now I want to see more games using all that hardware :D

Raider692611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

No way!Unless M$ is willing to release a $600 or plus console.And for mass market thats not an option,get your self happy if the next xbox is based on the 6000 series,but my bet goes for a chip made from the 5000 chip but based on a new die , this will allow for M$ to be able to release an affordable console on the $350 or $400 price range.

SantistaUSA2611d ago

that's why I said modified, and I don't understand why people think Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo would pay the same as consumer. They buy in BULK, and get huge discounts! I work retail, and been doing for several years, you have no idea how much discount a store gets by buying in bulk! I work at I bought a tv in July of this year, it was on sale for $1900, I paid less than $1100! My store only charge the employees a few % above cost, lucky me :D

I remember when started and were selling computer parts so cheap, I remember buying RAM for $100 and at Microcenter the same was $300!!! Now Microcenter has better prices because of competition! :)

So it is possible to have a modified architecture at a lower price :)

john22611d ago

We don't know whether or not X720 will be released in 2012. Most hints indicate to a 2014 release so this could be indeed the core that will power X720

geth1gh2611d ago

Yea they are working on the next gen consoles no doubt about it. But tbh, I don't think they will be released until they get a good year of solid marketing under their belt.

That said, 2012 doesn't look promising.

That is why I am just building a new pc in the spring :)

Pandamobile2611d ago

A $600 video card would still have a REALLY expensive GPU to manufacture. Even in bulk, a purchaser would easily be paying $250-300 for just the GPU.

vortis2610d ago

A 7870 XFired seems reasonable. I doubt they would go the route of a 7850. And releasing in 2013 or 2014 would put the price down enough to not only make it affordable but also make the Xbox 720 future-proof.

Ingram2611d ago

Don't think so, I mean, forget about GCN and XDR class memory if a price circa 400 is expected.A 7850 would we a plausible TDP for a console though.

Raider692611d ago

300w TDP now just imagine how much will consume overclocked!

Urbz78702611d ago

Radeon 7850 or a gtx 660...........Ill take both!

SnakeCQC2611d ago

damn i was going to upgrade my 6850 to a 6970 but i'll hold off for a lil bit

iamgoatman2611d ago

Probably a good idea, or if you're mobo supports it, pick up a second 6850 and Crossfire them. I saw a deal the other day where a Gigabyte 6850 was going for £50! There were only 3 of them and they sold out in next to no time, but if you keep an eye out the 6800 series cards can go for next to nothing.

SnakeCQC2611d ago

damn my mobo doesn't support it(micro atx) these are my specs win 7 64 bit i5 650, r6850 mobo unknown (from an acer predator g5900-1) i want to get a new mobo(msi z68a gd80 g3) and cpu (i7 2600k) would i have to reinstall windows and all my stuff for this upgrade?

iamgoatman2611d ago

You shouldn't have to, as long as you make sure all the old chipset drivers are correctly uninstalled. Just make sure your current PSU can handle all the new components as well.

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