The Bethesda Dilemma: PS3 Owners Are Second Class Citizens

Wayne Santos from C&G Looks at the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and how PS3 fans will be experiencing issues with the game that he hoped were fixed. Unfortunately he was wrong, and an old wound has re-opened, which makes him wonder just how long PS3 owners should continue to tolerate the problem.

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NukaCola2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I am pissed how the PS3 version turned out. At first it didnt bother me, but WTF they really just crapped on 35% of their profiting consumers.

EDIT: @Buzz

True, but then again Skyrim is great. It's just sad to see they didnt give the PS3 version the same treatment. It's noticably left in the dust. The PS3 can run open worlds like a boss but this looks like they put no effort in it at all. Patch it, or GTFO Bethesda...seriously.

-Alpha2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

The PS3 version has a bug regarding choppy framerate, it's not "left in the dust" It's a serious bug that has been promised to be fixed after Thanksgiving.

It's not like the PS3 version is the only platform being treated differently.

PC gamers complain about the lack of attention put on maximum graphic settings and the UI being clearly made for consoles in mind. The texture issue is more commonly reported on the 360 version

The article uses the opportunity of the PS3 bug to accuse Bethesda of punishing PS3 players for choosing the wrong console. Nonsense propaganda and pretty selfish when you consider that other platforms are complaining about a lack of attention too. Now, obviously, if any platform is going to suffer the most, it will be the platform that least supports the product, that being the PS3

kevnb2613d ago

pc gamers like to complain, the ui is fine with keyboard and mouse. Also, just think for every pc gamer complaining, there are tousands just playing the damn game.

kevnb2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

double post? weird

GarandShooter2613d ago

'Now, obviously, if any platform is going to suffer the most, it will be the platform that least supports the product, that being the PS3'

That's an utterly brilliant marketing plan to bolster a weaker market segment. Hopefully Bethesda reads N4G and can implement this as early as tomorrow morning.

Selfish? Selfish is stomping your feet over a graphical glitch when others are experiencing game breaking issues. It's all about the degree of the problem.

Bethesda owes it to ALL who purchased their product to fix the game, beginning with game breaking issues being addressed first, regardless of platform, working their way down to minor annoyances.

Tony P2613d ago

When has saying "my problems are more important" ever helped anything?

-Alpha2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


Like it or not, one of the versions is going to be weakest, one will be strongest. It's not hard to see why Bethesda focused more on the 360/PC version. The publisher will logically develop the game to a) the platform that is easiest and b) the platform that has the larger fanbase

Now, if the PS3 version was better, this article wouldn't even have existed. In fact, most people here would be patting Bethesda on the back while claiming the 360 is simply outdated and that any inferiority on the 360 was the fault of the hardware

Of course Bethesda owes it to all gamers to fix the game, but where on earth did you get that Bethesda isn't doing this? They promised a patch for the PS3-specific problem, yet I'm hearing people complain that this bug was done on purpose? Come on.

Army_of_Darkness2613d ago

If they won't put as much effort into the ps3 as they do the other platforms, they seriously shouldn't even bother with a ps3 version. All their games are garbage on the ps3! That's why I have yet to buy any of their games.hell, activision even does a better job with their cod games!

GarandShooter2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

@ Alpha

Now that makes more sense. You're previous 'suffer the most' post was in the context of post-release support, development not being mentioned in it, but if you actually meant through the development cycle as stated in your later post I don't disagree.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, so while I believe there may have been a 'that's good enough to ship' attitude, I don't believe Bethesda purposefully sabotaged the PS3 version. What could they possibly hope to gain by that course of action?

Of course, nowhere on earth did I get or state Bethesda wasn't patching the PS3 version, that wasn't what I took issue with in your post. I took issue with what appeared to be a defense of poor post-release support. To be clear, I'm not saying Bethesda's post-release support of Skyrim is poor, just that you seemed to be defending that path.

'Now, if the PS3 version was better, this article wouldn't even have existed.'

That goes without saying, who would write an article about game breaking bugs when none existed? The author has legitimate points about red flags being raised, but loses me at Todd Howard on the grassy knoll.

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DonaldBeck2613d ago

i hear you nuka cola, i thought it would be atleast equal concidering oblivion was superiour on ps3. but i know bethesda did not develope it, but even so, fallout new vegas had better performance, better lighting/textures sound ect the whole nine yards on ps3 and if im not mistaken BETHESDA developed it! i dont know what went wrong, but im enjoying ths "bad" version of the game because they are awesome. i cant wait for the patch to come so they can atleast do something.

Edgeofglory2613d ago

I dont like how people put others into a category ,ps3 fans,pc gamers/fans etc, these are elder scrolls fans and should all be treated the same despite what platform they game on,which is why exclusive dlc and giving priority to 1 console is basically the developer saying 1 set of fans are worth more/better than the others.

kneon2613d ago

I have a simple approach to the problem, if the game has the Bethesda name associated with it in any way I just don't buy it until a year later. By then they will be on patch #37 and most of the most egregious issues will have been fixed.

Plus as an added bonus there will likely be a GOTY edition with all the extras thrown in at a much reduced price.

BitbyDeath2613d ago

None of the issues have bothered me thus far.
It does skip a beat everynow and then but nothing gamebreaking.

Although, I did see someone walk up some invisible stairs in the middle of a street one time. Soon as i walked up and talked to him he fell back down to earth tho. Was quite funny.

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Buzz7S2614d ago

If the same issue(s) plagued the previous version of the game and their support was below standards, why would you go (the consumer) and purchase their next game?

You kinda walked right into it, so how does one complain, when they should be mad at themselves?

Focus2614d ago

People said oblivion ran better on ps3 though, so. . .

ZombieAssassin2613d ago

That was mainly due to it coming out a year after the Xbox and PC versions, and I don't think Bethesda actually developed it I think it was a 3rd party dev.

Pikajew2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Bethesda has to learn how to code and not make games buggy. There are a bunch of open world games without bugs. They should test their games before they get released

-Alpha2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

But not any of those open world games have the same depth of content that needs to managed and created like a Bethesda game has

Tony P2613d ago

"There are a bunch of open world games without bugs."

Really? That's certainly news to me.

Kinda curious what games you think have "no bugs".

byrnezy2614d ago

Yet somehow this game will probably win GOTY and receives 10/10's everywhere for a shotty piece of garbage, theres no doubt it is a great game but a smoothly ran game? NO

ZombieAssassin2613d ago

Yea the only thing saving Bethesda is their games are actually fun and have a lot of gameplay in them. I still don't get how after 3 open world games though they still have the same problems.

Rage_S902613d ago

The thing i find interesting about bethesda games is they seem to run smooth up until the 20-30 hour mark then it becomes buggy and the framerate drops horribly.The longer the game goes on the worse it seems to get, until it becomes near unplayable.

consolez_FTW2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Skyrim runs really horrible on PS3. I was around 70hrs. in and when I was being in a town or fighting an enemy the Fps would drops so much it'd be unplayable.

To all PS3 owners having FPS trouble with Skyrim heres what worked for me..

1.Turn off all the autosave features; so that you can only save manually.

2. Go to sava data in XMB and delete all the other save datas for skyrim and try to just use one save data for skyrim.

This really helped make the game playable for me. Hopefully Bethesda gets a patch up soon.

pupa2613d ago

What are the negative effects of losing the saved data you delete?

GarandShooter2613d ago

Not being able to go back to an earlier save. Save them to a external HDD or flash drive before deleting them, in case you need/want to revert to an earlier save,if you're going to do this.

I turned off all autosave features, have around 11 or 12 saves, and have experienced no problems. I'll copy and delete my saves only if I experience an issue.

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