EA Mobile win Best Game Publisher at the Mobile Entertainment Awards 2011

GodisaGeek: "EA Mobile have been announced as the winner of Mobile Entertainment magazine’s 'Best Mobile Games Publisher' 2011, which makes it the fifth year in a row that EA has won the award."

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Antholex2518d ago

Have to say I'm quite looking forward to the sale, be interesting to see which titles feature.

Chrono2517d ago

Really? What significant EA games were released on mobile phones apart from their ports?

shikamaroooo2517d ago

the sims, need for speed and other ea ips

killerhog2517d ago

Ea bought the angry birds group along with a few other highly revered Indy developers. Didnt they also buy zynga? I'm guessing that played a big role cause ea mobile games suck. Asphalt > NSF's, Real Racing > shift, etc..