Is Sony's love affair with the ridge racer series over?

TecStories: The Psvita version of ridge racer will suffer from a acute shortage of content. How could namco create such a ill conceived game that only has 3 tracks and 5 cars?

Has sony pulled back from it's relationship with the ridge racer team and giving them less resources and giving them access to dev kits later than usual?

Why are there finished and polished titles like wipeout 2048 and uncharted , yet ridge racer devs seem to be rushing desperately to release this unfinished game onto the PlayStation platform. Something seems a bit fishy here.

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hennessey862545d ago

ended along time go for gamers, there hasnt been a good ridge racer since the ps1 for me

NukaCola2545d ago

I can't believe 3 tracks and 5 cars. Or am I not hearing that right? Sounds like a $1 iPhone game. I doubt this, but if it's true. Then it better be $5 or less, but still, this doesn't sound legit. Any source from Sony?

colonel1792545d ago

I read that this is supposed to be the content for the DEMO, but people misinterpreted (lost in translation? typo?) thinking it is for the final version.

But who knows... we'll have to wait for official confirmation, although I don't care since I am not a fan, but for them, it sucks if true.

MultiConsoleGamer2545d ago

I have to admit that I was shocked to hear the news about the Vita Ridge Racer. Shocked but not surprised. I knew DLC was coming to PSV and 3DS. So this game is just the first in a dark new trend.

Godmars2902545d ago

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to question Namco's love of Sony in this case? More so since RR has been on other platforms.

blackburn102545d ago

Exactly. What is wrong with Namco? What does Sony have to do with what Namco does? Let's place blame where blame is due. Why did Namco do this?

Infernostew2545d ago

Well, Namco hasn't been the best at decision making this gen. I mean, there's their lack of Tales of games early on for ps3 and had to make the "I'm Sorry" enhanced port of 360 and Wii games for the series and Canceling Beautiful Katamari for ps3. They've been getting better but they have really left me asking "why?" on a bunch of their decisions.

pain777pas2545d ago

Yes this is shocking indeed. But this will only bury the series for the fans that have supported them and were looking for a quality release. What they do have looks good however this is a major disappointment and may set the series back. Get ready for unbounded games.

Gamerita2545d ago

if you mean by Sony's love affair us the gamers then yes it ended,ridge racer has gone down hill this generation joined by many great franchises like need for speed too + my favourite pro evo soccer franchise which used to be the best.

Hicken2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

As stated above you, you should probably question Namco about this, NOT Sony.

Edit: As for me, I want to go back to R4. Gimme some more Reiko.

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The story is too old to be commented.