New Modern Warfare 3 Patch is Now Live on PS3 and Xbox 360

MP1st - A new Modern Warfare 3 patch is now available to download on consoles.

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SSultan2520d ago

The best game ever invented. BF3 players want their game to be more like this.

Winter47th2519d ago

Best COD since COD4, everything MW2 should have been. I'm really enjoying the MP in MW3 and haters can shove their heads up each others' asses so the only sound they can hear is their own echos while they wait for that 10 seconds respawn everytime in BF3.

But I feel real dirty when I use Type 95 & Akimbo FNG9s though, and I have to cause they're so damn effective.

3GenGames2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Other COD games since COD4<MW3<???<COD4. Killstreaks are just stupid no matter how you slice them. Ruin the game completely, it takes no skill if they'e in there at all.

DirtyLary2519d ago

Gotta love how kids throw the word "skill" around in a game were the AI gets half your kills for you.

Starbucks_Fan2520d ago

I'm guessing you're one of the people who just play shooters and sports games...

SSultan2520d ago

Oh and Starbucks_Fan... I play Fighters primarily. But I get my shooter fix here and there, along with my RPG fix. It's just hard to really enjoy shooters when they don't compare to CS back in the day. And I HATE sports games man... Low blow :[

2v12519d ago

na they are the one of the people than cant play bf cuz ther are no o yerl old to rape. 1 friend on mi free friend list send me a message last year.. CoD Blak opp!! Best CoD EVER...this year was Best CoD since 4!

snipes1012519d ago

dude...what are you even trying to say?

playing CoD does not make you one of these people. At all. Quit over generalizing and over simplifying. You sound just like these 12 year old kinds all the CoD haters talk about.

See that's the irony! There's more immature bitching and moaning about CoD from the "mature" BF3 players than from the CoD players who just go play their game! Man! See how funny irony can be sometimes? It's great.

_Aarix_2520d ago

C'mon I know your aiming at bf3 players but I know dozens of games better. Portal, gears, skyrim, borderlands and gta are only a few.

capcock2520d ago

Yeah cause BF3 would be so much better with a 10 years old engine, killstreaks and small maps.

Dude I can understand if u don't like the console version of BF3 since I don't do that either, but the pc version is incredible and shits on every CoD combined :)

BF2 on steroids=BF3 :D

Majin-vegeta2520d ago

ROTFLMFAO you and hearnet down there must be new gamers this generation.Cod is nowhere the best game ever invented.

Yea im sure BF3 players want to be dying when they're running behind a wall and being able to knife through bullets xD.Get real son cod has been dumbed down for kids with ADD hell might ass well make it who ever aims first gets the kill xD.

cpayne932520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

You getting 9 agrees for saying cod is the best game ever made is just sad. I can list dozens of games better than that, better than bf3 also. May God have mercy on your soul.

SSultan2520d ago

Wow it really is that easy... That's why N4G is so lame. Okay time for some truth though. COD2 is great, COD4 is great. The rest SUCK. BF3 on consoles is lame. BF3 on PC is great.

vickers5002520d ago


World at War didn't suck. It wasn't great, but it definitely didn't suck.

MW2 and MW3 sucked though (Black Ops was OKAY)

cpayne932520d ago

Sarcasm? I sure was hoping so. You never know, after all, look at all those agrees.

Snowii2519d ago

i think its trolling

but if not!

than you must be the dumbest piece of shit i have ever witnessed

activison loves people like you

Drabent2519d ago

Laggy and hacked to hell? Ok~

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cityboy1002520d ago

Why limit yourself to one thing true gamers play all. Very happy I can enjoy both on my 65" vizio 3d HDTV

dvfaa2520d ago

mentions its a 3DTV.. Neither game has 3D

mysterym2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Learn to read. He said his tv was a vizio 3d TV, he didn't say the games were in 3d.

dvfaa2519d ago

ah but he could have left out the 3D part.. it seems like he only said it to boast that he had a 3DTV

FAGOL2520d ago

Nice. But it's a shame SnD on MW3 sucks. The only game mode that are worth playing for me is FFA. Sometimes TDM or KC aswell.

I hope they don't fix the Extended mags glitch for shotguns aswell. It's the only thing that makes shotguns work like they should.

Noticeably_FAT2520d ago

Nice to see IW put so much post launch effort into this game. It seems like every other day we see a new patch or update going on.

hennessey862520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

to actually say f this patch has actually improved the game just the usuall crap

Ezio20482520d ago

i know mate... :P
typical N4G!!

antz11042519d ago

lmao, so true!!

I played some last night and the lag was non-existent.


I played last night and it was horrible.

I think it depends where you are.

snipes1012519d ago

Yea I'm in ohio and some matches looked like stop motion animation shows. It was god awful.

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