MW3 – Modded Clan Tags to be Fixed, Still No Luck for Gamers 17 and Under

MP1st - Lately, things are looking very good for Modern Warfare 3 with all the patches, hotfixes and updates that will be rolling out this week or soon after. However, there are still a few kinks to be worked out.

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VonAlbrecht2519d ago

Yeah, I guess it would be shitty if those kids can't fully utilize a game they can't legally purchase in the first place.

Hicken2519d ago

But, in the US, you only have to be 17 in order to buy an M-rated game.

Buzz7S2519d ago

Still no luck because in most countries, you MUST be over the age of 18 to sign and agree to a legal document. In this case, the legal document is COD: Elite's Terms of Use/Terms and Conditions.

People need to do a little research before complaining.

As for the DLC issue, I'm sure they will work out something where those who registered/purchased Elite, they will receive redeemable codes for the add-ons, or something along those lines. Their (COD) core audience is people under the age of 18, so they don't really want to make them mad.

Disccordia2519d ago

They really are churning out the patches for this. Hope it continues and hopefully this fixes the lag compensation

NuclearDuke2519d ago

It is not possible to fix the respawns. One thing that I like about MW3, is that it's so intense on smaller maps. For public play that is awesome. However, that comes with a backlash. There will never be decent spawnpoints available. It's simply not possible to find places to position respawning people so they will not interfere with enemies within 3-4 seconds.

TL:DR - Respawns cannot be fixed, maps are too small for that.

jdubdoubleu2513d ago

When i say "fix the respawns" I meant fix it so i will stop respawning inside of another person of right next to a claymore or bouncy betty. They can fix that.

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