Gamespot Reviews Escape from Paradise City: 6/10

Escape From Paradise City blends the stereotypical action RPG with a stripped-down RTS to create one unimpressive hybrid game.

The Good:
* Varied dialogue clips and impressive voice acting.

The Bad:
* Repetitive mission goals
* Monotonous visuals
* Worthless multiplayer.

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Batusai3979d ago

Fired the writer, please!! Ah!, not, there isn't a publicity campaign on web...

Bathyj3979d ago

Oh a Gamespot review.
Who even cares anymore?

A 6 too, someones gonna get fired over that.

binard3283979d ago

But who really cares about a GameSpot review? It used to mean something when a game got Editor's Choice from their site. I used to trust them and enjoy reading the reviews. I thought it was a sad day when Greg Kasavin left and it seemed to go downhill. Now GameSpot can't even be trusted. They really hurt themselves recently. I don't think they'll ever earn my trust again. Catastrophe...I appreciate the contribution, but GameSpot reviews are no longer "newsworthy".

greenenvy3979d ago

u cant trust reviews anymore when you know who the source is!!!!!!


what a horrible lesson to learn.

Razzy3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Who reviewed that? YOU'RE FIRED!! :-)

andy0013979d ago

Can anyone tell me which websites are owned by cnet involving gaming. It would be handy to have a list of sites I should disregard or not visit.

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