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Bethesda's latest version of The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, appears to be a success. Sales following the November 11 launch were impressive, even edging out Modern Warfare 3 on Steam in terms of popularity on launch weekend. Though the game isn't without issues, many that play have been floored by the experience.

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jthamind2521d ago

my second opinion is still the same as my first one...i love this game!

LOGICWINS2521d ago

Would you recommend it to a person whose never played an Elder Scrolls game before? I'm thinking of getting the game..but I have no experience with the franchise. However, I think I'd enjoy it considering the 100+ hours of story and character dialogue.

Genesis52521d ago

Absolutely! This game is awesome!!

jthamind2521d ago

i agree with Genesis, you can still fall in love with Skyrim even if it's your first Elder Scrolls game. you won't feel lost or anything, and you can easily spend hundreds of hours with one or more characters doing everything possible in the vast world they created.

BattleTorn2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Yeah, absolutely.

I had never played any ElderScrolls before, in fact I tried to play Oblivion (long after the release of Fallout3) and didn't get into it.

I suggest playing Fallout3 (it's better than New Vegas) and if you like that type of open-world game..

You'll fall in love with Skyrim.

Also, some people feel ElderScroll games are continuations (sequels)... their plots aren't connected really.

stu8882521d ago

its brilliant. you owe it to yourself as a gamer to at least try it.

kaelix2521d ago

my gf never heard of the game, she absolutely loves games that has alot of exploration and customization. so i told her to get her this. shes been at it since launch lol. you wont regret it. as for the story goes. it wont hurt to read the backdrop of the stories for each elder scrolls since they are based decades apart and in different continents of the elder scrolls universe

LOGICWINS2521d ago

Thx for the advice guys. I'll see if I can pick it up in a Lightning deal.

Hozi2521d ago


I recommend this game to everyone. The beauty of this is that Bethesda has managed to create a game which has everything we love about the elders scrolls series and take out almost everything people complained about. If you've never played this game before then start playing it now. From the moment the story began I was hooked and if you've got a good PC then the graphics on MAX settings will blow you away. Combat feels so much better than any elder scrolls game before it. There is so much to do and I couldn't begin to explain it all. Just start playing it!!!

Bathyj2521d ago

Even though you have your answer I'll chime in.

I've never played Elder scrolls before. I always liked the idea of RPG's but could actually get into them. I dont like turned based and all I've ever played is Zelda.

I was also worried that Skyrim might be too daunting for me, but I jumped right in and never looked back.

Its not overwhelming. Theres heaps to do but you go at your own pace. You see as much or as little of the game as you like.

In fact I'm liking it so much, when I'm done (IF, I'm done) I'm going to try Fallout.

cheetah2521d ago

The only other Elder Scrolls game I have played was Oblivion and didn't really get into it. Skyrim on the other hand has got me hook, line and sinker.

I will be honest though, it will take you 15 hours or so before you get an understanding of the skill set, alchemy, smithing etc.. It is a daunting game on so many levels, but when you process everything that is going on it is amazing. GOTY easily.

Halochampian2521d ago

LOGICWINS last week

"Thats why I would never spend more than $30 on Skyrim, despite how good the game probably is. Bethesda KNOWS that the PS3 version of the game is inferior to the 360 version...yet they released it anyways.

Thats straight up laziness right there. They don't deserve my full $60."

must have caved in.

LOGICWINS2520d ago

"must have caved in."

How? I'm still not getting it for more than $30. Hence why I mentioned the Amazon lightning deal.

Halochampian2520d ago

Where is this Lightning deal you speak of? lol

eak32520d ago

@halochampian: Stalk much??

LOGICWINS2520d ago

^^Tell me about it.

I said that I'd SEE if I can get it in a Lightning Deal...not that I KNOW that I will get it in a Lightning Deal.

Lionsguard2520d ago

I have a friend whose never played an RPG in his life and hes in his late 20s. He's always condemned RPGs over and over again and for once he tried out Skyrim and now I havent heard from him in days because the last I heard from him he was begging for help with rpg addiction. I believe he's now lost somewhere in Skyrim, sealed away from the sunlight of the world.

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admiralthrawn872521d ago

if you like good combat, go with Dark Souls/Demon's Souls
if you like good character development and story, go with The Witcher 2

if you like an average mix of the two, get Skyrim. it is fun.

MajorJackHoff2521d ago

Apparently you've never played the game.

admiralthrawn872521d ago

yeah i've put 40 or so hours into it and beat the main quest line and college of winterhold, plus lots of other things.

sorry, its average, and i'm a huge fan of morrowind and i loved oblivion. i dont know where this weird following of skyrim has come from.

bozebo2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

"i dont know where this weird following of skyrim has come from."

New "gamers". They haven't experienced anything this good because most games to come out recently are junk.

So when a game comes out that is genuinely great it gets a gargantuan following because it is so far ahead of the rest.

Same reason CoD is super popular etc.

"if you like good character development and story, go with The Witcher 2"
TW2's combat is also head and shoulders above Skyrim's (not to mention graphics lol). But 99% of the people on n4g never have and never will play TW or TW2. Or a vast library of other incredibly good games (anything without a multi million dollar marketing budget).

TES isn't attempting to have good combat, character development or story though (I hope not...). It's all about exploration and your place in an immersive world - Skyrim fits the bill perfectly and Bethesda are great at what they do. I prefered Morrowind though because the (VASTLY larger) world and characters made more sense and if you made one wrong move it spelt your demise lol, also PC being lead platform probably helped a lot.

ForROME2521d ago

Second Opinion same as first - GOTY

BeardedPriest2520d ago

After about 10 hours, I thought it was one of the best games I had ever played... but after 70... I just felt like it wasn't all that great. Aside from the hardcore FPS drops... Aside from the Markarth Guards being glitched (you can't bribe them, pay a fine, or let them take you to jail, they'll just keep attacking if your bounty is high enough and you've freed Madonach) Aside from the game being unbeatable if a guard dies (the one who has to free Odahviing)... Aside from all these bugs... the only things i liked were the Dark Brotherhood, the shouts , the perks, and the dragons...

Kahvipannu2520d ago

In a game as wide and complex as Skyrim, you can not avoid having bugs/glitches, so in this case it's forgiving. Wait few months, patches will roll, and modding community will do it's job, and all looks even better.

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