Saints Row: The Third PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Saints Row: The Third is out now, and it’s time to see how this bad boy performs with a modern-day PC. Volition has stated that this is not a console port and although that might be true, we are really puzzled with its abnormal performance. We’re pretty sure that AMD/ATI will obviously know that it is a technical mess. This performance analysis, however, shows that Nvidia users will also encounter various issues with this game, especially if they want to run it in SLI mode."

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kevnb2522d ago

Sli doesn't work yet, are you surprised? Anyway game seems to work awesome on single nvidia cards but amd performance is console like for some reason.

bozebo2521d ago

"Volition has stated that this is not a console port"
Why do devs keep saying that? Liars every time.