Games and History Are More Linked Than You Would Think (

"In recent games (the Assassin’s Creed series being a good example) we are dipped into an environment set many years ago and experiencing this in pseudo-first hand helps us to understand what life was like back then.

Because of this, it’s a convincing argument to say that to learn more about history, children should be encouraged instead of discouraged to play certain video games. The fun element adds leverage to the child’s willingness to engage in the game, so learning from the game’s environment is a logical consequence."

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JebusF2520d ago

A highly enjoyable read.

iamnsuperman2520d ago

I enjoyed reading this however I disagree at the use of history in game. The thing is a lot of games like Assassin's creed are to open to interpretation when it comes to the environment and feel. Also the history is deluded by the need to make games fun. Its a bit like 300. Nice to introduce the whole 300 story to the mainstream but the actually story is totally wrong (same with Troy). I think history can be used from a narrative perspective and to create a universe that interweaves with reality. Look at the Assassin's Creed universe. Some key events that actually happened mixed in with myths and fiction. As a tool for back story history works really well. With endings of Assassin's creed it is interesting to read up on history and look it from the AC perspective.

Antholex2520d ago

300 was never intended to be a factual representation of the battle. It's a film which is based on a graphic novel which itself is based on the story of the fight. The filmmakers themselves have said they never intended it to be historically accurate, rather they wanted to make it 'cool'. I think that if games were historically accurate then they would be quite boring; the fun element is needed to enhance the enjoyment of the games.