The Top Romances in Gaming (BnB Gaming)

Beneath BnB Gaming staff's gruff, manly exteriors lie hearts so soft and tender. Sigh.

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NukaCola2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Final Fantasy VII:

"But starting the moment Cloud crashed through the ceiling of the church straight into Aeris’ flower bed"

I thought it was that awkward moment when Cloud bought a flower from her in Midgar for 1 gil that started something forever memorable. The way she looked at him, the interest. Cloud falling through the roof was the confirmation of a bond. But as the article states it's a big triangle. Not an emo teen Twilight type, but that of hope and faith and friendship and holding hands on the brink of the end of days. The love that is and forever will remain. The characters have a lot on their own, as well as how they are all connected, like the life stream...


Final Fantasy VII..It really is one of the greatest stories and RPGs that has ever been created ain't it? I must play it again. I really hope it's getting a remake now. Oh VGAs please reveal...!!!!