10 Reasons To Get The PS Vita

Even if the history PSP is not what we can call "crowned with success", we can feel a certain degree of interest for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. Because gamefocus know that you want it badly, gamefocus decided to help you out by gathering the most obvious reasons you will need to say to your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or parents to gain their trust in your hard quest to get a PS Vita, even if you are flat broke.

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Dante1122518d ago

I know I will. The PS Vita's launch of games look pretty darn good.

SIX2516d ago

I don't need convincing. Just take my money Sony!

tiffac0082516d ago

I was about to say the same thing~

SonyNGP2516d ago

Indeed. Without games, getting one would be a waste of money.

SIX2516d ago

dual analog
XGame chat without headset
Almost PS3 like graphics
Playing in bed
Playing in the pooper
GAMES GAMES GAMES! Mothafackaaaa!!!

Lord_Sloth2516d ago

Why did he go as far as to mention Barbie yet not even mention Shinobido which is the main reason I'm buying a PSV! That and the hope for future Monster Hunter titles. XXXD

Gamerita2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

my main 2 reasons are:

1- ability to serve the web (web browser).

2- touch screen (there going to be some really fun mini games on psn.


oh and of course the high res gaming & the 2nd analog stick.

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