How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Software Next Gen?

Sakinah writes: With the growing rumors implying that Sony’s and Microsoft’s next consoles may being revealed within the next year or so, I’m beginning to wonder just what it will cost to purchase software on these new systems.

The price for video games has increased with the introduction of every new home console over the years. Back in the day games for the PS1 cost $40, the price for PS2 titles increased to $50 and today a brand new PS3 game will set you back $60. See the trend?

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T9002615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I dont spend much on software. I mostly buy games day one between 30-50usd tops. Few months later most AAA games are selling for 20-40usd anyways. I think gaming is relatively cheap these days. Specially when you consider the pricing back in 90's, with inflation considered we are getting games at a bargain today.

I bought batman AC for 26usd.
BF3 was purchased for 37usd
Already have Assassinscreed preordered for 35usd.
Need for speed the run is currently available for 39usd think i am gonna wait for a further price drop though.

I dont see what the problem with the pricing is.

MariaHelFutura2615d ago

1st-Everything has gone up in price since the ps1 days, so its not fair to only attack gaming about this.

2nd- I'm good w/ the price of games right now although cheaper is always nicer. Next gen all I want is for DLC to be waaaaaaay cheaper and any "day 1 dlc" to be included on the disc for free (like the good ol' days).

reynod2615d ago

Agreed everything has gone up, considering that gaming is actually very cheap these days.

NYC_Gamer2615d ago

this new pricing means that studios will be scared to take risk and bring us fresh/creative ideas.

ShaunCameron2615d ago

That's what happens when new and more sophisticated technology is introduced to the market.

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DanSolo2615d ago

The same price as now...... although you can be sure they will try to crank it up to £50.... probably by starting it at £60 so that when it drops to £50 people think they are getting a better deal! lol

£40 is a reasonable price though, it's a bit too much... but we are used to it so if it stays the same I don't think there will be any complaints!

Khordchange2615d ago

400 bucks on a console, 50-60 bucks on a game. Thats it

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