Final Fantasy XIII-2 Creators Talk Time Travel, Sequel Development, & More

GameInformer: Last week we gave you an inside look at Final Fantasy XIII-2's introductory hours. You salivated at the gorgeous screens, marveled at the time-traveling mechanics, and scratched your head trying to grasp the odd storyline. Now that you've finally absorbed all the valuable information revolving around Serah's quest for her sister, take a look at our interview with Final Fantasy XIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama.

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Colonel_Dante2518d ago

Time travel? Can we get back to the time before Square and Enix merged and stop it from ever happening?

PshycoNinja2518d ago

Unfortunately that will never happen.

Hopefully Versus XIII will change all their past mistreatments to their fans.

NewMonday2517d ago

Best time travel is in Chrono Trigger , the final boss is actually their in the start of the game, and in in every time period, and he can be attacked at any point, and the endings also depend on what you changed and didn't change in history before the fight.

I was disappointed when Chrono Cross changed it to travel between 2 dimensions , along with other changes .

MrMister2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Okay, It's about time someone said this:

LOL I love how people wanna blame Enix for the failure of FF games. Enix is one of the most hardcore RPG makers, so if anything, Square is holding ENIX back. Enix's development on FF games is minimal to none--Square's staff is in control of Square franchises--while ENIX is in charge of games like Dragon Warrior/Quest. Square has fallen because Japanese culture has fallen. All they want is cutesy, teeny-bopper's in school girl uniforms. They lost touch with reality. They need to get back in touch with their "manlier" side. All the men in most of japanese culture/art/games/comics/tv all look and act like weak spikey haired she-men. And the female characters are so poorly portrayed as giggling bimbo airheads and hyper-sexualized teenagers. It damn near borders on pedophilia. Japanese culture is getting more and more bizarre, and that's not just from the perspective of the West--even Mega Man's Inafune and the guy who created Ninja Gaiden are saying this about Japan's current sad state in games, art, and culture overall. It's mindless, sickening, and weird. wake up Japan. Give us back strong, purpose-driven ADULT hero's & heroines again.

Hicken2517d ago

The stereotypes you try to say are "plaguing" Japan have been around for at least 20 years. Spiky-headed heroes have always existed. It's actually only been recently that brawny, badass men types have gained popularity there. And games like Nier showcase both sides of that.

It's rather clear that you don't actually know anything about Japanese culture, but instead are just regurgitating a handful of images you've seen as popular media. That's pretty sad, all by itself.

And you didn't actually make your comments have ANYTHING to do with the "decline" of Square-Enix.

Stealth2k2517d ago

Sorry but I cant tell if your an idiot or non informed.

Inafune hasnt said anything bad about japan since he quit capcom and he only said those things because he was bitter about capcom. You know what games hes making now? A animal one piece. Yeah he really hates what hes doing. LOL

The rest of what you said is just generalization.

I can do it too. All the west has is shooters.

The west is lazy because they dont do any other artstyle than basic realism that any middleware should be able to achieve.

The west milks there games to death and barely releases any new games.

tiffac0082517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

There are actually a lot of adult heroes in Japanese culture. The reason that most games, shows and reading materials uses younger heroes and heroines in Japan because it reminds them of the freedom of being young. In their culture once your at a working age, you do nothing but work, work and work. This is a fact, so entertainment has become their medium for escapism to say the least. (Check the history of the Bushido Code, you'll understand what I mean)

Also those weird Japanese fetish that your trying to mention only represents a particular market that does not reflect the entire culture or society of Japan. Do not stereotype everything, every country is weird to other cultures.

As for what Inafune and Itagaki (Ninja Gaiden) what they where referring to is the problem with the close minded leadership of the Japanese companies and not a problem with the entire Japanese culture itself. I believe Sakaguchi (FF) and Mikami (RE) said this too.

I_am_Batman2517d ago

I'm looking foreward to this. I really liked FF XIII cause it felt more like a JRPG again. I also liked the story. I think the main reason for many people to dislike the story is because it is hard to understand. It's like in FF VIII maybe 20% understood the story completely (time compression, Rinoa=Artemisia and so on). And still I think FF VIII had the best FF story by now. I hope that they will get close to that with FF XIII 2.