APB Reloaded Maintenance Announced

Gamersfirst has announced today that APB Reloaded will be undergoing scheduled maintenance.

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kingjoker342546d ago

I thought they shut this game down months ago?

Kamikaze1352546d ago

It was. Than another company bought it, tried to fix all that was wrong with it, renamed it APB: Reloaded, and re-launched it.

jozzah2546d ago

Got bought up and became free to play.

vortis2545d ago

You must be one of those little Enforcers who got owned by ObeseBlackGuy.

Yeah, his gold shotty can do that to you.

IRetrouk2545d ago

no, the game is a mess, graphics, controls, everything is sub par. sorry if you like it but it just didnt do anything for me.

vortis2545d ago

Graphics are great, what kind of system are you running it on? The 32bit version is a mess yeah but it was designed for 64bit systems so if you aren't running it on a 64bit system it will look like crap.

The controls are almost pitch-perfect, it even has support for Xbox 360 controllers for people familiarized with playing Saints Row or GTA on the consoles.

I'd ask how long you actually played the game but you're out of bubbles. I admit the game isn't for everyone but it's hard to imagine anyone being a fan of MMOs, GTA or Saints Row being more turned off with APB than any of the aforementioned. That's not to mention that unlike SR and GTA, APB on PC actually works the way it's supposed without the performance issues.