Yes or No? - Trade-in video games

There are arguments for and against trading in video games but which side of the fence are you on?

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bunt-custardly2617d ago

Normally I would avoid trade-ins, but if developers and publishers insist on releasing their games in the same time-frame, then I will insist on trading in their games. Times are hard.

ginsunuva2617d ago

Oh dear. We cant afford a few nonessential luxuries such as 20 games - we can only afford 17 of them. Such hard times. Those starving people in every other country are so much better off.

Tachyon_Nova2617d ago

If I needed to trade in games able to afford new ones then I probably would, but for now when I don't need to I would rather build up a gaming collection and not contribute to used game sales.

Prototype2617d ago

I'd rather trade with friends; at least everyone comes out ahead in one way or another

christheredhead2617d ago

Trading in games is great when I want to pre order a brand new release. The extra 30 percent trade in value really helps to buy the game and have extra credit left over. Thats probably the only time I trade in though.

Lord_Sloth2617d ago

If the game sucked, I trade it in. If I enjoyed it, I keep it in case I wish to play it again later.

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