Kinect Could Change TV Forever

Microsoft have plans to intergrate Kinect into TV sets everywhere, reports claim that they have begun talks with Sony and Vizio. Could this be the start of Microsofts Smart Home dream?

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potedude2522d ago

Using your hands to change channel a la Minority Report, but I think there is something that does all that a little better. Its called a remote control.

Its easier to lift a finger than lift an arm...

from the beach2522d ago

Or how about to just say a channel name?

Games4M - Rob2522d ago

What happens if the channel you are watching says a different channel name ?

from the beach2522d ago

How often do you hear channels say 'Kinect BBC 1'?

i_da_pappy2522d ago

what if you got the tv up loud?

from the beach2522d ago

Damnit guys, get off my case! :p


Wt if its a porn channel and u don't want ur wife to know wt ur watching :p

potedude2521d ago

Easier to lift a finger than speak to a machine...

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nasstyngg3r2422522d ago

its goos to hear it im lookin forward to it

ChiVoLok02522d ago

Cool. Now Microsoft and the CIA will be able to stock our ass easier.

KMCROC542522d ago

Where are they stocking us , lol think you meant stalking .

2522d ago
ChiVoLok02522d ago

Yeah, sorry my english is off, lol.

Hicken2522d ago

As long as they're silk stalkings. That's all I wear.

Chaostar2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

TV's don't really need full body 3D tracking, just hand tracking would do, which can be done on any £10 webcam. Voice recognition could also be done with a simple microphone and, let's face it, even with Apple behind the tech, its not really at the point where everyone can use it without a hitch now anyway.

I'd prefer smartphone/tablet integration tech to a camera in my TV. Being able to stream whatever is on my TV to my phone/tablet would be fantastic, especially if you could control channels, volume etc with touch.

Give me an app for that, oh, and a REAL ice cream sammich!

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