3 Reasons the Playstation Vita is Likely to Fail

A lot of Sony muscle has been put behind the Playstation Vita, but there are legitimate doubts that it’s going to be a profitable venture. We’re summarizing the top three arguments that warrant concern for the device’s success.

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Ognipode2613d ago

The top three reasons that my PSP failed me was:

1. The first dead pixel on the screen.

2. The second dead pixel on the screen.

3. The third dead pixel on the screen.

Yup, it had 3.

granthinds2613d ago

Ouch, that's not cool. I'd like a cool hand-held console, it's just difficult to justify.

Army_of_Darkness2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I highly doubt it will fail. Unless it gets a high failure rate like the 360...
HaHa! I joke!.... Okay, not really....

NukaCola2613d ago

Price seems high compared to 3DS, but for what you can get with the Vita, it's cheap. The ammound of things it can do could easily put it over $1000 in value. N-Routing, GPS, 3G, WiFi locator, dual cams, sixaxis, the gaming, the OLED screen, rear touch, and tons more, The mic, the party chat, the whole package does more than many phones/tablets do.

On the dead pixel deal, My PSP did have one. But this is OLED and my iPhone 3G has never gotten one dead pixel. I think it will be good. Plus this will integrate with the PS3 and next PS4 system. It's got a lot of like. And the PSN integration for Online play, and more. This is a win. Oh yeah,, also Uncharted!


How about 3 reasons why this article fails.

KingPin2613d ago

totally agree.

why the hell are they sooo negative all the time.

5 reasons sony will stay last
5 reasons why 360 will die next year
5 reasons kinect wont launch
5 reasons move wont move <pun intended>
5 reasons x products will fail.

wheres the bloody positivity these days.

i want more articles thats makes me want to buy a product. not knowing why its going to fail and why i shouldnt buy one.

byrnezy2613d ago

Well that would be far too easy wouldn't it

Tanir2613d ago

it can't be worse than the 3ds launch unless the systems fail rate is high.

the console comes with so much, Tons of good games, dual analog, amazing tech, honestly to me thats all it needs to beat the 3ds.

so if people are going to complain already they should just wait. 3ds had no games till like 8 months later, and well still has no games sept for like 2. the service arent even up, no dual analog yet, lower tech at the same price as vita at launch......

so much bad with it, that its sorta hard for vita to do worse honestly

pain777pas2613d ago

Your pain is real. I had one dead pixel on my 1000. However, this OLED tech seems to be the business so, happy gaming.

Thatguy-3102613d ago

A gamers would never prefer a smartphone over a console or a handheld for the reason being that the experience isn't similar in any. The hype for this device is off the roof so I doubt it will fail. To me if it fails it has to sell less than the psp which I doubt it will happen.

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DesVader2613d ago

I think price is going to be a big consideration has this article suggest, not only for the cost of the actual device but the cost of the games as well.

I think the integration with the PS3 might save it from a novelty perspective and the up-to-date interface touch screen interfaces, but lets see.

I for one will probably still stick with a "full-size" console and save my money for the next gen console editions like the new XBOX, for now sticking with what I have.

granthinds2613d ago

That's a good point. Next gen is around the corner and will most likely be launching the same year as the Vita. So ye, would rather blow my money on a new Playstation 4! Boom!

Blacktric2613d ago

"That's a good point. Next gen is around the corner and will most likely be launching the same year as the Vita."

Not going to happen. At least not with PlayStation 4 or the next Xbox console. Wii U is coming but it's hard to consider it as next gen since other two will obviously crush it again. The next gen will most likely start around mid to late 2013 to early 2014. It'd be stupid to release new consoles since both PS3 and Xbox 360 are doing extremely well...

vrylstminute2613d ago

I think the future of mobile gaming is not in the hardware but in the software. We've seen massive growth in gaming on iOS/android devices, and they are clearly not powerful/dedicated gaming devices...

MasterCornholio2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Yeah I agree agree and that's mostly because of pricing. Most iPhone games and droid games cost less than 5 euros on the market so it's always tempting to buy them due to their low price.

Sony knows this which is why they created PlayStation suite so that garage devs can bring cheap games to any PlayStation certified and android device. Seems like a great idea to me and I hope it's successful because I love indie games.


majiebeast2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Ios/Android are fun for the small little games, that vita will probably do aswell and better. But there is nothing on the phone, that comes anywhere close to full priced handheld title's.

Also guy that thinks we will see next gen in 2012 hell no earliest will probably be Q4 2013.

Jdoki2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

In general, yes, at the moment most iPhone / Android games are intended for short bursts.

However there's a growing number of fairly hardcore titles appearing now, and no one should underestimate the growth of this market.

Infinity Blade 2, Sims 3 Medieval, Minecraft, multiple RPG's that try and emulate Zelda or old SNES RPG's. There's lots of good stuff and it's getting better by the day.

Infinity Blade 2 could easily stand toe to toe with almost anything I've seen on consoles - handheld or otherwise.

EDIT: Smartphones and handhelds are slightly different markets though. but I can see them locking horns more and more. For me I game a lot on iPhone, but I'll consider a Vita of they have the titles I want to play.

Razongunz2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Infinity Blade 2 sure looks awesome, but i think they will have to get some controls on those iphonies for the game to actually get the same attention as a ps3 game.. the game has the quality for sure..whats missing from smartphones to take a big leap and meybe go head to head against handhelds are the controls, wich will make a new war :PSVITA & 3DS Vs Smartphones.

CynicalVision2613d ago

1) Since when has pricing been an issue? When it was first announced people were applauding the price, and now suddenly it's a problem?

2) I don't know why they've titled this one 'release titles' when it's obviously aimed at pricing again. It's moot anyway because they even said it themselves how nothing has been confirmed yet.

3) I am so sick of the comparison between the Vita and smartphones, they're aimed at two different markets, also;

i) Touch controls are no substitute for a thumbstick

ii) You'll never see popular exclusives like Uncharted on a smartphone

iii) App games are cheap for a reason, they're short games that are designed to give you 5 minutes of entertainment.

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