Amazon Lightning Deals for November 24th Tease $199 Kinect Bundle

In the build up to Black Friday Amazon are also teasing another day of Lightning Deals in Video Games . The Highlight from 6:15pm is the $199 4GB console with Kinect for $199.

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Sgt_Slaughter2519d ago

Holy S**t. That seems like a good deal for anyone who needs a new Xbox or who is just starting in gaming.

Army_of_Darkness2519d ago

With all the Change I have in my piggy bank, I'm sure I have enough for a 360 now!

MadMax2519d ago

Jesus, that shit went fast! I got resistance 3 for $27.99, watched it go from 0% to 40% claimed in a couple seconds! Scored Uncharted 3 for $30 from Best Buy and Gears 3 from Frys for $30! All online! Why even bother waiting in lines and leaving the house. Same prices all online.