Latest on GS Scandal: Employee: They Wanted Higher Scores For Games

More leaked information confirm what many have feared and suspected. Following the resignation of one reviewer along with Jeff earlier today, a GameSpot employee suggests more could be on the way out soon.

"...a ten-year employee gets locked out of his office and told to leave the premises and then no one communicates anything to us about it until the next day. It's all about the money"


- GS employees confronting and criticising the Executive Editor.
- They're suspicions of shady principles emerging from advertising deals.
- Recommend gamers away from GS reviews.

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Meus Renaissance4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

This opens the flood gates. This now means anyone can fairly, and justly, claim that the review of their favourite game(s) on a site were bias and it'll warrant suspicion with valid merit because this doesn't just imply that Eidos took their ball home and didn't wanna play anymore, thus forcing GameSpot to take action, but it implies that any company who were willing to pay for advertising on this website, that there'd be influence from the men in suits upstairs to pressure the reviewers to give these games higher scores.

So just think to yourself, what games have you seen heavily advertised that you think, or has an issue, with people claiming that it's over-rated and think to yourself, "were they bought off too?"

There needs to be a formal inquiry to investigate if other sources and websites suffer from the same thing because many people have suspected a bias in the industry over the past few months, beginning with PS3 exclusives. PlayStation fans protested but were dismissed as nothing more but an excuse for poor games. Now this revelation from GameSpot gives that protest a voice loud enough to reach the gaming community online.

No review of a highly anticipated game will be trusted. They will always be questioned. The game ranking's have been undermined. Where do we stand?

Gamespot-equals-EGM4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

This guy (that the article quotes) says Gamespot has traditionally catered to the 'hardcore' gamer. What the hell does that mean?

You know there's NOT just two types of gamers (hardcore and casual). There's a lot of people who fall in between. Me, for example. I'm neither 'hardcore' nor 'casual'. Although I follow the industry closely I don't game all that much (because I'm in school). In fact, because of finals and my hard-as-hell schedule, I haven't played a video game in about 3 weeks. But when I play it can be for 3-4 hours at a time.

Meus Renaissance4886d ago

Exactly. And what casual gamer, as they imply, would go to watch a video review of a game?

The Brave 14886d ago

I knew something shady was going on the day they gave Rachet and Clank a 7.5. Sellouts!!!!!!!!!

razer4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

You suspect all the 360 reviews as being the ones that are suspicious and all the PS3 reviews as being unjust and given a poor shake??

Your statement would mean so much more if you didn't favor the PS3 so much. You have lost credibility because of it.. I am the same way because I lean to the 360. But I also don't go around on these forums screaming about conspiracy and how reviews are unfair. I just suck it up and make the decision for myself.

Where do we stand? Well, now it's whenever there is a PS3 poor review PS3 fanboys will scream more conspiracy and whenever a 360 game gets a good review score the PS3 fanboys will scream that it was paid for and biased. Basically, it's the perfect cop-out for all PS3 fanboys. Everybody loses and nobody will know who to trust, just the way the fanboys wanted it because being in last place is taking it's toll on the PS3 fanboy armies.

Chubear4886d ago

but what other great game was lynched by reviews cause it threatened some other game? and was given grotesquely lower than warranted scores?

Look around and open your eye people. If this doesn't at least make you raise an eybrow then you are the kind of fool these editorial gaming sites bank on. ALL of them, 1UP, GT, Eurogamer, IGN etc all of them follow the same crooked business module cause they all need to compete.

It was obvious since late 2004 that things were changing and I was called all sorts of names cause I stated that these editorial reviews were fixed, now look.

MK_Red4886d ago

Great find and comment. Flood gates have indeed been opened and now all reviews (Lower than usual, higher than usual and even the usuals!) are under question.

And indeed this is beyond PS fans protest and a louder voice than anything before it. This is the first really big and major scandal of game industry IMO.
God helps us all :)

fury4885d ago (Edited 4885d ago )

....but no, I won't waste my time. You're the fanboy. Halo 3 is overhyped and overrated.
Now call me fanboy.

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wil4hire4886d ago

Everyone already knew reviews were BS. Im sorry.. I dont think ANY games out on any console = 10/10.

Yet we ahve PERFECT games... that have flaws? This makes absolutely no sense.

We need a game ranking standard, or at least reputable sources.

Zhuk4886d ago

i actually find myself giving you a bubble, good post.

iceice1234886d ago

Meant to be taken as perfect. Look at 5/5star restaurants and hotels. They're not perfect. They are however above and beyond the rest, same thing can be applied to games. But I guess enough people don't look at it that way for it to work.

Meus Renaissance4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

I'm sorry but were you not the one constantly trying to water shed PlayStation fans with bad scores of PS3 exclusives?

EDIT: Yeah, wow, pressing the DISAGREE button will really hide this comment..

antoinetm4886d ago

its "5 stars" not 5/5 Stars...
6 and 7 stars hotel do exist

so yes : 10/10 is an abuse.

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Zhuk4886d ago

I for one am boycotting Gamespot and I hope that every gamer that cares about journalistic integrity and objectivity does too. Corporate money interests should not be influencing critics and journalism, it has gone on far too long in our society

Meus Renaissance4886d ago

I'll agree with you on that. I don't see how anyone, gamer or not, can take anything from GameSpot seriously now. For an industry that lives on reputation and integrity, CNET might aswell save up on hosting fees and close GameSpot because it's over and done for them.

ruibing4886d ago

So after GS, what other solid sites that anyone would recommend? I think I can still depend on IGN and the occasional Gametrailers video review.

Guwapo774886d ago

Gamespot did the investigation against it's own writers. They could have kept the entire thing under wraps by paying off the editors to keep their mouths shut. But they did it the honorable way...they made the news public.

I had a gut feeling about the bias reviews against the PS3 from GS but I've been reading their reviews pretty much since they came online.

I can say now they gained much respect from me because they are doing something about it. I know for sure GS editors aren't the only ones being paid off either. Thus far the only site that seems to put out good solid scores is IGN. Can't say I care too much for IGN UK (seriously bias) IMO.

In closing...good stuff Gamespot! They are making the right moves and I'm sure this will be only a temporary set back.

v1c1ous4886d ago

you have the advertising team with a new executive head who had no previous gaming experience, only business. of course he's going to **** everything up for more profit.

then you have the review team who has to, as a team, approve every single review by every individual. but now that individuals are getting fired because of the power of the advertising team, this is going to turn into a sh*tstorm.

Charlie26884886d ago

This pretty munch confirmed what a lot of GS people knew...after Gregg left ALL went to hell and also confirms what many users have said GS scores and tone of review is sometimes directly proportioned to the hype and advertisement on the know those reviews that mysteriously had very little to no criticism and the obvious flaws of the game were for some reason not mentioned >.>

and you know what that means now know were that Assassins Creed 9 and ultra positive review came from >.>

Well after this GS credibility went...FURTHER down the sink -_-

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