Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Winning Shooter War Against Battlefield 3

With the releases of EA’s Battlefield 3 and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the war between blockbuster military shooter franchises has really heated up. It's an ongoing battle offline of the gaming servers, taking place in the cyber world of forums, comment posts and posting low user scores on game tracking sites such as Metacritic.

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WANNAGETHIGH2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I'm a Cod fan and I luv MW3 but seriously this Articles is just getting dumb and stupid. Both games are out enjoy any game you want.

Septic2519d ago

Why is it dumb and stupid? I like how you're appearing to take the high-ground here whereas, previously, you've been adding fuel to articles such as these with your obvious COD bias:

"BF3 should be number one.Very overrated game. The jet mission was the most boring sh1t ever. "

EVILDEAD3602519d ago

I've said it before and now there is a stat attached.

53% of Batteltfield 3 owners also own Modern Warfare 3.

Which proves that in the real world people enjoy both and like most of us spent 120 dollars plus in two weeks to play these monster shooters.


Edgeofglory2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

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blumatt2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I'm enjoying Battlefield 3 aLOT. I bought MW3 and it just feels like more of the same. They've gotta figure out how to get it back to the fun of CoD4 and, more importantly, the balance of CoD4. It wasn't perfect, but it was WAY better than MW2 or MW3. It's getting about ridiculous with all the helicopters and gunner ships in the air all the time. You've damn near gotta hide all the time to keep from being shot from the air. I want the focus to be more on the ground, like in CoD4. And at least in CoD4 it was relatively easy to shoot the helicopter down, even with normal weapons. It didn't take a Stinger to do it. You could use the rocket launcher and/or normal weapons. And it didn't take a million bullets to take it down either, like it seems like it does in MW2 and MW3.

I popped in CoD4 yesterday and it's just so much fun and a much better game than the two new MW games. The maps are waaaay better.

Yeah, pretty much. At least it took skill in CoD4 to snipe people too. haha We actually had some good weapons that shot and felt right. The weapons in the new ones have been over-tweaked. And there's just WAY too many perks and killstreaks and deathstreaks. It's just overly-complicated now. In CoD4, it was simple. You got a UAV for 3 Kills, an Airstrike for 5 Kills, and a Helicopter for 7 Kills. That Was IT!!! So much better than the new ones. There are just too many things in the air in the new games to even make it fun.


Too many noob players cried about getting owned in Cod4 and this is what MW has turned into in an attempt to please them.

DARK WITNESS2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

To be fair I have not been in that many games where I feel like I am being dominated by air support mostly because the majority of people can't get enough kills. As soon as you kill one or two people someone else has spawned right next to you and killed you.

however if you can get your kills going then yes, it can be crushing. I use a choppa, Pavlow and AC or the Osprey Gunner. I went 5 deaths and 46 kills in one game. you should have seen the hate messages I got after the game, lol. still the game is pure rubbish. it's run and spray at it's finest and as you say it's been over-tweaked. they have given too many options to give every advantage possible to people who are crap.

When I played cod4, my basic weapon was the M16, the only advantage I needed was that I took my time to aim down the barrel and 80% of the time I was a better aim then the guy looking back at me. Now aim does not matter as much, you can hip fire and spray. I get more kills with akimbo machinegun pistols then I do with an M16.

Hufandpuf2519d ago

I'm playing COD4 right now, and you are SO right about how having simple kill streaks makes the game great. I hate in the new coda when you heard the CO talking in your ear ALL THE TIME.

Siren302519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I love it. People can talk shit all they want but when someone compares how much time people spend on each game its totally different result. People vote with their actions, not words

Avernus2519d ago

Well people have been playing the game 4 years prior to yeah that's equivalent to allot of time into the game.

DARK WITNESS2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

well the fact that we have spent so much time playing it gives us more reason to complain and actually know what we are complaining/shit talking about.

If someone came in here and said they had not played the game at all and started talking crap about it, you would say they don't know what they are talking about.

I played Cod4 solid for 2 years because I loved it and still do. I played MW2 a lot but not as much because I felt it was not as good. Blackops I played and took back to the shop after about 2 months because it was shit. MW3, right now it feels more like blackops 2 then something that plays closer to cod4 so the way it's going it will be heading back to the shops to get traded in.

A part of me still wants to see a real sequel to cod4 that actually plays and feels as good, but I don't think that will ever happen now.

I think a lot of people bought MW3 with the hope that it would play and feel a lot more like cod4. thats what the devs said they were aiming for, but they have still missed the mark IMO and I know many people who feel the same as me.

sllshrm2519d ago

Around 9 mil people bought MW3(compared to 5 mil of BF3) so its expected that on an average MW3 will have more play time than BF3...simple logic :|

Play whichever game makes you happy really....for me its BF3

2519d ago
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