How The Elder Scrolls Changed My Life

Patrick of - "Morrowind was released in May of 2002 and after weeks of build up in the magazines, and admittedly weeks of me pestering my parents, I acquired the game and set about installing it on the family PC. Morrowind was unlike any game I had ever played. Instead of carefully guiding you through set pieces and a linear storyline, the game simply gave you a brief tutorial and went, “Right, you're on your own now son. Try not to die.”"

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chretienm2609d ago

Fun read. I had Morrowind when I was 10, but grew confused because I never had instruction on how to play those types of games. Oblivion came around, but I didn't get to play it until this year. It was amazing. It made me truly excited for Skyrim- Which is better than Oblivion IMO.