150° Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preview, The First Hours "Final Fantasy XIII was a game that polarized the series' fanbase, some loved it, others loathed it, usually for the same reasons, humorously enough. The announcement of a sequel, unsurprisingly, yielded the same results. Fans are either head over heels or still waiting it out for the ever elusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Regardless, in lieu of the game's January launch, Square Enix were kind enough to invite the media down to Los Angeles for a preview event last month where the first hours of Final Fantasy XIII-2 were revealed."

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tweex2523d ago

Can hardly wait for this!

Venjense2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I don't plan on buying FF13-2 because I had the first and loved it until it became "open" and boring IMO but...

Uncharted gets praised despite being linear because it offers a cinematic experience.

FF get destroyed for a linear experience despite offering a very cinematic experience.

I don't get it.

Hardedge2523d ago

Eh I'd hardly call FFXIII cinematic.

Besides, 7-8 hours of well-paced cinematic story-telling or 50+ hours of not-so-well-paced story-telling?

helghast1022523d ago

I could hardly wait before reading this, and with such glowing praise how do you expect me to wai-
brb freezing myself

fozzness2523d ago

hmm, good preview although I don't know if i'm still sold on it though. :/