CyberpowerPC gaming PC deals for black friday and cyber monday

While there's nothing wrong with camping out in front of one's favorite electronics store in hopes to get a great deal on a new gaming PC, it's not for everyone.

For those who would rather enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday, companies such as CyperpowerPC are putting some of their gamer-oriented PCs on special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, available only online.

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Tuxmask552519d ago

I am unfamiliar with this brand of computer. Is it any good?

Fishy Fingers2518d ago

Never heard of them either, but it's beside the point, if the internals are good and you have a warranty, doesnt really matter who put their logo on the box.

iamgoatman2518d ago

If you must buy a pre-build system, always check to see what PSU it's using, make sure it's a good reliable brand and if it doesn't mention one at all steer clear altogether.

I'd always recommended building a PC yourself or getting someone you know with more experience to do it for you. Pre-built systems often substitute components your average end user won't care much about for poor quality parts.

The PC's listed in this article sound alright at first glance, but the GPUs listed are not really gaming cards and you'll struggle to run quite a few games. Also no mention of the PSU or Mobo brand, unless they're on the CyberpowerPC website.

Urmomlol2518d ago

Decent price except the video cards are a bit rubbish.

SKUD2518d ago

Stay far away from them as you can. Not even if they were giving it out for free.

caboose322518d ago

Them and ibuypower are both awful companies. You would probably have less of a headache building your own computer, then going through one of these companies, even if you dont know how to build one.