We Know Gamers - Batman: Arkham City Review

With the success of its predecessor Arkham Asylum, Batman or should I say The Dark Knight returns to keep order and take down thugs in Batman: Arkham City. There seems to be many villains for you to take down and huge city for you to explore but can Batman: Arkham City keep the train of success running? Or will it be stopping at Arkham City station?

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one2thr2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Im glad that i figured out, that turning of DX 11 feature made the game more stable because i was getting pissed when i had to go up against Solomon Grundy with a constantly stuttering frame rate...... But besideds that I freckin love this game, and on top of that it came free with my graphics card so thats about twice as much love for this game...... This is by far one of the best vigilante video games that i have ever played! Yes Batman is a superhero but he's more of a vigilante for obvious reasons..... Heres hopin for a "Dark Knight" suit DLC (the movie version)
I forgot to mention that its an OPEN WORLD type game, which puts more icing on the cake...... Yeah boy!!!

Somebody2523d ago

I'm currently tracking my ordered's just arrived in a city just 3 hours from the town where I live in...which means I'll get to play it tomorrow.

..sad..started replaying Arkham Asylum last night and punching those inmates to vent my impatience.

liban-ali2522d ago

Lool, you'll get to punch some new thugs soon enough! (No spoilers!!)