CVG: WWE 12 Review

CVG: How hard is it really to bring about change? CM Punk guaranteed a 'new era' for WWE in an apparently off-script tirade at Raw this summer - but so far he's provided no more than a new T-shirt. (Where's the new title belt you said was coming, Phil?)

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nevin12573d ago

I just played the game at Best Buy(20 mins ago) and its still a shame THQ hasn't beat their own Smackdown Here Comes The Pain as the last great wrestling game.

Why are the characters moving like robots? Its about to be 2012 people.

Its also a shame wrestling/sports games sucked this gen.

Wintersun6162573d ago

Does the writer really think that the WWE of today is the same it was 2 years ago? I see a major change that's been happening in the programs of WWE. Though there's still a lot of room for improvement, but it's going in the right direction.

About the review itself: It was a decent one, especially considering that this is CVG.