300 Platinum Trophies Live

Hakoom shows everyone live how he got his 300th platinum trophy and 16000 trophies.

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EcoSos32521d ago

I only have one(mw2) and need two more trophies for Dead Space2 platinum.

iChii2520d ago

I have Six right now. The ones I enjoyed the most were Heavy Rain and Dead Space. As soon as I'm done with Mortal Kombat, I'm going for Dead Space 2.

PshycoNinja2520d ago

I have 5 and one game I gotvall the trophies in;
God of War 3
Killzone 2
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Infamous: Festival of Blood

My next platinum will be Modern Warfare 3 since I really enjoyed the Single Player and most of the trophies are single player trophies. Thank god for no online trophies!

I was so proud when I got my first platinum: Killzone 2. I remember I was one of the first people in the world to get the platinum trophy for that game and it felt so rewarding.

iamnsuperman2521d ago

This puts me to shame. I have only one (Assassin's Creed 2) and that took long enough. Well done

tdogchristy902521d ago

I'm in the same boat, only on 360. Ac2 is the only game i've completely completed. The feathers took forever! I want to do the same for ac1 one day.

iamnsuperman2521d ago

I know. Those feathers were a pain. I did collect everything for AC1 (also a pain but not so much) but this was at a time when the PS3 didn't have trophies.

tdogchristy902521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

To make it complete i'd love to also do this for ac3 when it releases but as it will probably include mp, I doubt I'll be able to. The fact that AC has mainly been singleplayer and it's just a matter of completing a task and not necessarilly (need to be good enough) based was one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much and did it. (lol) it was just more fun instead of frustrating in that way.

MaxXAttaxX2520d ago

I have all 3 Uncharted Platinums.

All you have to do is try.

CrazyRap2520d ago

same here.
U3 was peice of cake.

bujasem_892520d ago

i have 13... and i was gonna get the one for brotherhood... but what made me leave it was they added that you have to play 50 more hours for they online.. totally forced it.. i got all the single player trophies.. im playing revelations now, and im sure the same will happen.

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Sithlord-Gamble2520d ago

Come on people ... this dude is a fraud! Go on psn and look at his trophies. Check out dates and times on them: Some of them were received too close together, he also has trophies unlocked that have to be unlocked after certain other ones and he has them before. He's hacked some of them. Do the math, even if he got his ps3 on the very 1st day trophies were enabled and remote played with 4 other people it still would be impossible to get all of the trophies he has. I have no problem giving props to people who legitimately get their trophies, but I can't respect hackers n cheaters. Its a shame this guy and others like him get any publicity for this.

one2thr2520d ago

Time for me to do a trophy check, because that's feat would've most definitely taken a miserable amount of time to accomplish

despair2520d ago

its not hacking its just multiple people on the same account. If 5 people play 5 different games on the same account then they can get platinums much faster.

cr33ping_death2520d ago

true.. my friend plays with his bro on the same account...he alone would have about 8 platinums instead they are at 19

heatjer2520d ago

LOL how does this stuff make to the the homepage? He only had 50 something treasures collected in the game. So its impossible to get plat as you need to collect them all. Not to mention that you have to beat the game on hard to unlock crushing mode supposedly. But gave it away with only 50 some treasures.

one2thr2520d ago

So its safe to say "I call bullshit"

badz1492520d ago

in UC3, "Crushing" can be unlocked by playing on "Normal". and if you have played and collected all the treasures in your 1st plathrough, there's no need to do it again in Crushing.

although, there's no doubt that this account is being used by multiple users or it won't be possible! I don't know if you can log in to PSN using the same account at the same time on multiple PS3s but it's easy enough to have the same accounts playing different games on several PS3s at the same time while offline! then, they just have to log in and sync their trophies one by one and the time stamp will be on the time when they got it, not during the syncing.

morganfell2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )


You are given a choice in Uncharted titles when starting a new game if you want to keep the treasures found in the previous playthrough(s). It's literally possible to find every treasure in a Very Easy playthrough and then go through on Crushing and ignore treasure hunting and concentrate on the game. I have Platinumed all 3 Uncharted games. I play through on Hard and only pick up Treasures if they are right in front of my face. I don't bother looking. Then I play the game on Crushing, and then go back through on Easy or Very Easy and look for treasures and nail other trophies in the list.

@badz149, you can unlock Crushing by beating Uncharted 3 on ANY difficulty setting including Very Easy.

Also, gamers could have the Hakoom account on multiple PS3s, play a game offline to unlock various Single Player trophies and then one at a time sign in and sync the account. The account would then show the combined trophy effort. If would be easy for a group of people to do.

I wonder about this guy's skill because the final boss battle he was in with Talbot isn't difficult even on Crushing and with the QTE prompts hidden. Yet he still missed easy to avoid strikes.

grashopper2520d ago

I beat it on normal and it unlocked crushing.

dragon822520d ago

I unlocked Crushing mode after finishing the game on Normal. Just saying.

despair2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

most likely its multiple players on the same account. One or more persons got all the treasures/kills/special trophies and he just beat the game once to unlock crushing then beat it on crushing to get the platinum. Different PS3s but same user so it all syncs to the same place and would explain why he only has 50 something treasures.

Hakoom is a group of people not a single individual as is evident on the trophy unlock times on multiple games.

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