Yogscast Make Statement Regarding MineCon Incident

The Yogscast have just put up a video on their YouTube channel as their response to what happened at MineCon. You can check out the video embedded below. You can check out their full statement below the video.


Updated with Notch's apology.

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360ICE3391d ago

OMG these guys seem like the nicest people ever! And Notch is like "Oh I'm tired so I shouldn't be tweeting - f* these nice people for things they may or may not have done" then the next day he's like "wow, I'm in a good mood now. Sleep helps for the mood. I'm five years old"
Dude! You were a part of the development team that made Minecraft though (that's right he didn't do it by himself) so that's cool. Respect... to some extent.

Motorola3391d ago

Were you even at Minecon? Multiple people at Minecon had complained about these guys. Anyone can look innocent on camera.....

TheBlackMask3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

So thats it....BS

Anyone can be nice and innocent looking, these guys were a pair of immature dicks at Minecon and they were called out for it.

Why would Notch lie, he's rich he dosen't have a reason to be an attention seeker....

It's not even a statment......."Oh Notch was tierd"

They didn't even denie doing any of the stuff Notch called them out for.

This was hillarious to watch, obviously there blind fans will forgive them anyway

360ICE3391d ago

He's rich so he does NOT have a reason to be an attention seeker!? That's... pretty much what rich people do. He has a Twitter where half the posts are "This song is good", "This thing is funny", "I am here" and he's in Mensa - he so obviously is liable to misinterprate social situations as well as seek attention. I don't think he lied, I just think he overdid it completely. But what do I know, I wasn't there so it's just a theory.

Iamback3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

360ice you are embarrassing yourself mate.

PandaJenkins3391d ago

After reading the reddit post it honestly sounds like the Yogscast aren't really in the wrong here. I mean overall it sounds like Mojang didn't even particularly organize the entire event that well, and I mean hell just expecting your entertainers to pay and organize for their entire trip? Thought event organizers were meant to do that.

I think one of the main problems is that Notch decided to just send some rant messages over twitter rather that personally discussing with the guys, thus causing a fight to start. A lot of people love both sides and it's just gonna separate them if anything. It also seemed like he made some assumptions from what some kid said, rather than experiencing some of the accusations himself.

radphil3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I think more so of the problem is the community, not the 2 parties at hand.

People need to stop being so over-obsessed with these 2, and granted I see a lot of those outraged over this are generally children/younger group, or immature in some form or fashion.

It's almost like some of those fans in Japan for celebrities that send death threats cause they do some work that they don't approve of.

Frankfurt3391d ago

LOL at acting innocent and pretending they didn't act like massive assholes to MULTIPLE people that HATED their prima-donna behaviour.

Si-Fly3391d ago

Watch their minecon panel videos, they were nothing but courteous and grateful to the hundreds of fans in front of them.

WhiteLightning3391d ago

They were on camera.....thats why

Jacks_Medulla3391d ago

Here are two links to notch apologizing publicly. You really should do some research before jumping to conclusions.!/notch...!/notc...

Faelan3391d ago

Meh... Crap happens. Nobody is perfect. When you are tired, overloaded and things get chaotic, it's easy to unintentionally end up behaving like an a**hole or completely misunderstand someone and thing they're the one being an a**hole.

This is something that happens *all* the time *all* over the world. It's just suddenly big news because they're gaming celebrities broadcasting their daily s*** to the rest of the world.

The lesson to be learned here is to think before you broadcast your every thought to the rest of the world.

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