IGN: Tekken Hybrid Review

IGN: Admit it, the PS2 launch lineup sucked. We all went out to buy The Bouncer, we thought that Summoner would be the greatest RPG ever made, we wanted Street Fighter EX3 to be series' true transition into 3D, and we were all disappointed. However, one bright beacon really shone above the rest; Tekken Tag Tournament was a great launch title that really showcased the processing muscle that the PS2 was capable of, offering up great-looking character models and fast, fluid combat.

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rob60212521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

On the PS2 launch.. SSX and Madden 2001 were very impressive at the time as launch titles. I don't know why he overlooks those. I guess he's thinking JP launch?

SoapShoes2521d ago

It launched in October 2000 in America. Was Madden 2001 out then or later?

Tito082521d ago

Nah, Madden 01 released at the same time as the PS2, like every console release, I think it was the day after that Tekken Tag released.... Madden 01 looked very Impressive at the time, but I liked the look of Tekken Tag a lot more and still finds the graphics very good looking despite it's age!!!!!

Gran Touring2521d ago

You thought madden looked impressive at the time? Wow you would have $hit your pants if you saw nfl 2k1 hehe

Tito082515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

@ Gran Touring- Dude I was one of the early adopters of the PS2, despite being a yearly series, the first PS2 Madden looked impressive, I had NFL 2k1 for DC, but I had to say that Madden 01 looked a lot better than 2K1(Graphically), I found the graphics impressive, but I was not like "Woww" until I looked at GT3, MGS2 & DMC!!!! But I always knew the NFL 2Ks were always better games than Maddens!!!!

bacrec12518d ago

Dammit! Am I the only one that liked The Bouncer?