Kojima on Rising, “If something goes against everything Metal Gear is, I’ll say something”

Metal Gear Rising might star Raiden as a sword slashing cyborg instead of Snake, and focus on action rather than stealth, but its most distinguishing feature is it’s the Metal Gear game Hideo Kojima isn’t in charge of. Unlike previous installments where he’s said that before, only to then get involved, so far it’s staying that way.

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smashman982520d ago

Maybe now we won't have to hear anymore people saying risings gonna suck

This should have been obvious

Knushwood Butt2520d ago

I still think it's going to suck.

PirateThom2520d ago

The concept alone goes against Metal Gear, I don't think it will suck, but it's going to be METAL GEAR as much as Acid was METAL GEAR and that's the problem I have with it.

Hicken2520d ago

Not to be rude, but I think Kojima has a better idea of what goes against Metal Gear than you do. He certainly has a better idea than I do.